Are there parallel worlds?

Do parallel worlds exist?A photo from open sources Someone believes in parallel worlds, someone dismisses them as if from some fantastic fiction, but ships and planes in the same Bermuda Triangle disappear without a trace, and people somewhere constantly disappear, in a year – until several hundred thousand around the world. And let some percentage of these can the loss be explained at least somehow, but where are the others? ..

And how to explain such a phenomenon as walks of Rostovites in Through the looking glass. It turns out the woman found a secret door that allows her to easily go into a parallel world. And here is what she meets there – see in the new film from the series “Fantastic stories “that will introduce you to many amazing stories that do not fit our idea of the unity of our world, as well as the straightforwardness of time.

A photo from open sources

For example, why Alvydas Gudelauskas, who lives in Lithuania, suddenly for one year aged forty to fifty? From whom is famous stuntman got superpowers who once stood on his life path – mysterious and omnipotent?

And how can such an explanation be explained? In Belarus, it grows from the earth stone cross? Maybe all these miracles have nothing to do with parallel worlds and mysteries of time? But, on the other hand, such unexplained by our physical laws, phenomena (and they occur in our life constantly) can be understood only by allowing all this mysterious and otherworldly.

So, we watch the film “Parallel worlds. Time is a killer”, we listen expert opinions and, most importantly, meeting people who survived the true miracle of Through the Looking Glass and returned to our world.

Time Parallel Worlds

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