Argentina suffered a “biblical” invasion insects

Argentina befellPhoto from open sources

At one of Argentina’s popular resorts, locals and visitors were horrified by the sudden occurrence on the beaches of numerous Zhukov. Insects crawl on the sand and wash off with water in large quantities.

Many visitors to the health resort of Mar de Aho in the east countries think it’s like the biblical invasion of locusts – one of the ten executions of Egypt that befell the Egyptians for their refusal the ruler to release the enslaved Jews.

Argentine reporters report tens of thousands of insects quickly and incomprehensibly from where they appeared on the multi-kilometer coastal lines, covering it in some places with a solid. Eyewitnesses to this an amazing phenomenon began to shoot it in the photo and video, posting the received materials on social networks and on various unexplained sites. Very fast about the mysterious learned the incident almost the entire Internet.

A photo from open sources

Commenting on what they saw, the regulars of the World Wide Web put forward the most diverse theories. Some speculate that insects fleeing the earthquake, others claim it’s about seasonal relocation of overgrown beetles. Mystically configured users consider this a warning to humanity, as in the aforementioned biblical story. Also put forward a theory of some invisible anomaly that attracts beetles.

A photo from open sources

Many insects found at the resort turned out to be dead or close to death. Local experts believe that these are beetles of the species Heteronychus arator from the family Lamellae that live in soil, however, twice a year they come to the surface to continue the genus. Males die after mating, which is likely can explain the large number of dead bugs. Nonetheless, scientists are not able to answer why coleoptera set off to die so massively and certainly on the beaches.

Interestingly, some particularly entrepreneurial Argentines began to collect insects to sell online. Cost one kilogram of Heteronychus arator can reach on the Internet forty six euros. The fact is that the isolation of these bugs allegedly allow you to treat and prevent diseases such as asthma, diabetes and even cancer. However, official medicine is folk medicine does not recognize.


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