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Arkansas USA has a fantastic place in the national Washito Forest near the city of Mena, where real miracles take place – this Board Camp mine, which produces rhinestone.

Moreover, until February of this year it was unremarkable mining enterprise, when suddenly … at the end of winter they started here amazing things happen. Mine workers began to notice mysterious lights, mysterious flying balls, then from the sky became stones fall, and quartz crystals acquired levitating properties.

Naturally, this attracted the attention of people, and to the Board Camp mine tourists were drawn and just curious, not to mention lovers paranormal. The owners of the company had to close in May mine to visit.

Orville Murphy, the owner of this crystal deposit, discovered mine back in 2008, but until this year it there were no unusual phenomena, everything was, as they say, quiet and decent. And on you … That’s what he talks about all this himself Murphy:

Any paranormal phenomena are considered in our world. almost the fruit of a sick consciousness, or certainly a hoax. We were not going to convince anyone and prove anything to anyone, but there are numerous witnesses and even records of what is happening at the mine true miracles. When we posted online video on which captured levitating (freely floating in the air) crystals, a solid organization became interested in this phenomenon MUFON. Its employees analyzed the material and perceived it on in all seriousness. And this, as we were told at MUFON, that only 3 percent of these videos claim to be reliability.

Waiting for a film about levitating crystals

Currently the crew of the Travel Channel together with researchers of paranormal phenomena, including MUFON, getting ready to shoot Board Camp mine documentary and her amazing miracles. The event sponsors the producer and adventurer Josh Gates. According to preliminary estimates, the film will be released in October this year, but for now you can watch (video below) test video about levitating crystals.

No one can explain yet why they soar in the air, moving and emitting at the same time bright fantastic flashes. Josh Gates team hopes to find an answer to this in the course of more a thorough study of a strange phenomenon, which will form the basis of the new Travel Channel documentary. So far no one has a clear answer about this: someone suggests that just a unique place where quartz crystals originally possessed with such unusual properties, others add to this aliens …

Will scientists and filmmakers be able to solve the mystery, not known, however, the film, presumably, will still be interesting and even exciting. Josh Gates himself is one hundred percent sure of this!

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