Armless tennis player gives lessons of courage

Armless tennis player gives lessons of courageA photo from open sources

Egyptian tennis player Ibrahim Hamato … is armless. His the love of table tennis turned out to be so fantastic strong, that even having lost his hands in childhood (accident), Ibrahim learned to play without them. Today is the only one on earth an armless tennis player masterfully owns a racket in his mouth.

In 2014, the International Table Tennis Federation invited a unique athlete to take part in the world championship in Tokyo. There, Hamato was able to compete with the best on the planet. tennis players. If we talk about his strength of mind, then, you see, there are few people like Ibrahim.

He lost his arms at ten years old, but a passion for table tennis pushed the boy to start again in three years play. Ibrahim tried to hold the racket under his armpit, but he didn’t happened. Then the teenager began to look for other options and finally succeeded.

Hamato admits that there are two achievements in his life: this his beloved, simply adored wife, who is for Ibrahim everyone, and, of course, table tennis, which gives pleasure from every successful throw. Hamato considers himself a great honor invitation to the world championship where he had the opportunity and watch for the best players, and even fight with them. Ibrahim is very hopes his example will help other people understand: if you you adamantly go to your goal (no matter which one), for you no nothing is impossible!

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