Artifacts from the future that put scientists in dead end

Artifacts from the future that perplex scientistsA photo from open sources

We have repeatedly written about what archaeologists often find in burials that literally baffle them, for example, a Swiss watch in the tomb of the Chinese emperor Xi Qing, who lived and ruled in the Middle Ages.

Among these strange artifacts that have moved to the past is clearly from the future, you can call the skeleton with a prosthesis, discovered when moving an old churchyard in a suburb of Marseille in late nineteenth century. The installation of such endoprostheses has begun in the world only after almost a century, however in the archives still You can find drawings and descriptions of that find. And it all dates back 1903 year. How did a person with a modern prosthesis get into the century before last?

A photo from open sources

And how do you like the find in Mexico at the same time when in jaw buried in the late nineteenth century discovered a tooth from cermets? Scientists never explain all these artifacts. could. No wonder independent researchers have suggested that many people just accidentally fall into the past and there they get stuck, and then they die. From here, they say, and all these artifacts from of the future.

Like it or not, a more reasonable explanation for such finds is to find not just hard – almost impossible. Especially since you yourself scientists today already question our previous view of time and the impossibility of moving in it.

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