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South of San Francisco, in the famous Silicon Valley, is the Stanford Institute – an institution where for 23 years closed psi studies. In 1995, for the first time about them told the world the English popular science magazine “Focus”.

However, only 270 out of 80 pages became public. thousand The rest are still stored under the heading “completely secret. “However, the fact that the surface has surfaced is quite enough to give the impression of a bursting bomb.


As you know, in the 1970s, the USSR and the USA were in a state of cold war. Both sides believed that to win everything funds will be good. As a result, at this time within special CIA program Americans decided to create a center psi espionage, the activity of which was based on the use of paranormal abilities of some people.

The Pentagon faced a difficult task: to find such. how Dr. Harold Pathoff, Stanford physicist University, told the public about his experiments with involving psychic Ingo Swan. In a few days, at the best traditions of Hollywood, two secret agents visited the physicist. ABOUT what they said, history is silent, but it is not difficult to guess: soon became His “first swallow”, which was approved for experiment.


The military reacted to the experiment properly: if necessary, it means necessary. Major General Edmund Thompson reported: “I have there was never a desire to debate with skeptics. We did not know, how to explain it, but the explanation interested us less than him practical use”.

During the experiments, a special technique was developed. target inclusion of telepathic and clairvoyant abilities – “perception at a distance.” Usually the supervisor with the subject (receiver) was in the laboratory, at this time another participant (transmitter) went to a place unfamiliar to the receiver. Transmitter absorbed the necessary information and mentally transmitted it to the receiver.

He reproduced the received data, answered questions leader. For several years, this technique has succeeded to perfect so much that it worked quite successfully and without the participation of the transmitter.

Smell like a dog

There was a tough selection in the secret unit: if someone could not cope with the task, it was ruthlessly screened out. But those who managed to prove their talents in practice, forever wrote its name in the history of American espionage.

One of the stars was rightly considered Pat Price. Former commissioner the police and vice burgomaster of Barbank, a suburb of Los Angeles, – legendary personality. While still a policeman, he became famous thanks to its unique flair. Pat Price has joined researchers in June 1973. As a test he was given random coordinates. None of the participants in the experiment knew that was there. Pat didn’t know that either.

In the drawing: the airfield, which mentally “saw” Price. On the snapshot: aerial photography, which fully confirmed the information, obtained by Price using clairvoyance.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

This did not stop him from describing with amazing accuracy military construction. But Price’s finest hour struck during another experiment. He was informed of the geographical coordinates. However on this since everyone except the subject knew that this was a nuclear test site near Semipalatinsk (USSR). Everything Pat listed is for sure coincided with the data of space intelligence. Moreover, he significantly supplemented the available information.

Outlined industrial buildings and indicated the exact the location of a tower crane several stories high, which moved along these buildings. Former cop also for sure described a workshop in which, using the latest achievements of welding technicians made giant balls. A year later, a spy satellite fully confirmed the price list. Only the psi agent did not live to see his triumph – died in 1975.


Another bright star in psi espionage is Joseph McMonagle. IN September 1979, he managed to mentally travel to the north of the USSR and describe a huge submarine at the completion stage construction. He argued that the ship has no analogues in the world – wide, flat aft deck and gun trunks with the ability to deploy from 18 to 20 missiles. The military did not at first believed Joseph. They were greatly alarmed by the fact that the boat built in a room located at a considerable distance from seas.

A photo from open sources

However, McMonagle persistently stood his ground. He predicted that through four months the Russians will arrange a series of explosions, thanks to which to the sea a canal will be laid through which the boat will leave the secret shipyard. Four months later, in January 1980, spy satellites, indeed, took pictures of the largest of those built to time of submarines – “Typhoon”. The picture clearly showed flat aft deck and twenty gun barrels.

In 1984, the US government appreciated Joseph’s special merits McMonig la in front of the country. He was awarded one of the highest awards, which marks the military in peacetime – the order of the Honored Legion “for outstanding contribution to the implementation of a unique intelligence project. ”


Once they decided to perform an unusual experiment on the subjects: send to where, as they say, Makar did not drive calves. Under the distribution hit Ingo Svoi. He was given the coordinates … of Jupiter. After all, in space astral scout with all desire could not connect to someone else’s brain.

And what? Swan traveled 400 million miles from Earth and outlined the giant ring that encircles Jupiter. His chefs shrugged: unfortunately, the experienced psychic “missed” – described the ring around Saturn. The experiment was considered a failure. Who knew then that just a few years later the American space Voyager-1 will take pictures of Jupiter, which will be noticeable that same ring!

A photo from open sources

Sometimes several people “sent” to the object at once. For instance, the same Swan and Price were sent to a secret listening station in West Virginia. They gave accurate information by reporting secret codes used at the station.

Sometimes telepaths participated in peace operations. When in Zaire the plane belonging to the USA crashed, Pat was involved in his searches Price. The spy satellites tuned to the coordinates indicated by him and, indeed, they found debris there.

Another operation involved tracking the fate of the kidnapped terrorists in 1988 in Lebanon, Colonel William Higgins. Psi spies spotted him in a small village, but just before the release of the terrorists killed him.


It seemed after many successes on the front of psi espionage such a debugged machine should have existed for as long as possible. However, in the early 1990s, the program was curtailed. But why the CIA suddenly abandoned the experiments and killed his own brainchild? Who He knows … There is no exact answer to this question, only speculation.

They say that the experiments went too far – the subjects began to penetrate literally outside of our galaxy. They supposedly even participated in search for extraterrestrial civilizations and tried to make contact with pilots flying saucers. Another question: did such “penetration” in the plans of the Pentagon? In addition, psi studies flew the American treasury pretty much – in 1995, the CIA admitted that she spent $ 25 million on the program.

The second version says: experiments were curtailed in connection with the end cold war. True, as you know, the United States has many enemies and without the USSR, and they also need an eye and an eye. Therefore some do not without reason, they believe that the experiments simply moved to a new stage with new actors and continue in even more secret conditions.

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