Astronomer-photographer captures the “giant planet “above the Earth

The astronomer-photographer capturedA photo from open sources

Amateur Hungarian astrophotographer Ivan Eder being in Budapest filmed a bright month in the daytime sky and unexpectedly captured something strange.

In one of the pictures another “month” appeared against the background of the moon, resembling a fragment of a large celestial body located incredibly close to Earth. Surprised Eder carefully studied received frame and could not find any rational for it explanations other than glare in the camera lens. But not everyone agrees with Hungarian.

When the photographer posted a mysterious image in The World Wide Web (which means that in the lens flare of the camera itself really believed), many netizens immediately started talking about the legendary planet Nibiru, supposedly finally approaching us. Other commentators are convinced that there was a kind of gap in space, and Hungarian photographed the well-known Moon, which due to the distortion of the space-time continuum “split” in the sky, and her enlarged image was successfully captured by the camera our hero.

Or maybe it’s just a cloud, amazing and peculiar, but cloud? Although in this case, Ivan Eder would not be filming the moon, but namely, this anomaly, and spoke precisely about it. He, judging by everything, during the shooting did not even notice anything unusual, and only then, with surprise, I discovered whether the camera was really defective, then whether a real miracle. However, even the most wonderful thing that happens to by us, always has an explanation, not necessarily pure materialistic, but … has. In this case, we simply don’t we know, and guessing is an empty matter. Although each for himself anyway adds up some opinion. For me, for example, it’s small “joke” of the Higher forces, the Matrix, the Universe (anything), “modest” a reminder that we live in a completely different world than imagine it according to school books …


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