At 34, a Chinese man looks like a 6 year old: after head banging man stopped growing up

At 34, a Chinese man looks like a 6 year old: after hitting his head, a man stopped growing upA photo from open sources

A Chinese citizen Zhu Shenkai hit his head in childhood and since then stopped growing up. Everything seems to be fine – always young and beautiful, but not everything is as simple and rosy as it might seem. Now the man is 34 years old, but this “eternal” youth has a mass unpleasant moments. Writes Oddity Central.

It all started when, in childhood, when playing with peers, one of the boys foolishly hit him on the head with a stone. Wu Zhu after this stroke, fever lasted three days, after which concerned parents turned to doctors. During the examination at the boy in the brain found an incomprehensible blood clot, which by operations deleted. The boy recovered and everyone forgot about the injury.

Over time, many have discovered that Zhu is starting more and more. different from your friends. Outwardly, he remained the same. six year old child. Concerned parents turned to to doctors who, having examined, found a boy damage to the pituitary gland that produces growth hormone. That was it cause age-related anomalies of the boy.

A photo from open sources

28 years have passed, and Zhu looks like the same little boy. His bristles did not even appear, but his voice did not change, like this usually occurs in young men. A man constantly convinces strangers that he is far from a boy, but this does not upset him most. Zhu did not have puberty, which is why all the functions of his body like a small child. He can’t marry and have children.

Zhu Shenkai no matter how hard he tried, but to influence his body and I couldn’t make him grow up. Doctors acknowledge their helplessness, but the man does not give up and is optimistic about the future.

ESOREITER previously wrote about a South Korean man who, after ten years has ceased to grow up.

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