At Dyatlov Pass, a new, striking opening

A new astounding discovery was made at the Dyatlov PassA photo from open sources

The famous Ural virtual archaeologist and journalist Valentin Degterev, who studies paranormal phenomena, including including the riddles of the infamous Dyatlov Pass, made a new sensational discovery. News quickly picked up by many regional media.

The Russian was looking at satellite images of a mystical tract and unexpectedly found on the surface of the earth near him huge geoglyphs are artificial geometric figures. At least, So sure Degterev himself. The researcher suggests that some man-made drawings depict birds, comets, gates, mountains, leaves and much more. By turning on the video below, you can see it with my own eyes.

Logging or striking colossal drawings?

Studying photos taken from space of the pass and its neighborhood, Valentine discovered 60 kilometers southeast of of the place where the Dyatlov tourist group died in 1959, mysterious white stripes folding into fancy designs. Where such Arts could take in the taiga? Domestic journalists immediately stated that these were ordinary logging, but Degterev did not in a hurry to listen to the words of many skeptics. Why would anyone would it be so chaotic and artistic to cut down a forest here? Isn’t it easier to traditionally cut through straight cuts?

A photo from open sources

According to the blogger, we are talking about the amazing monuments of the era. Neolithic, once knocked out among the taiga in the ground. Similar ground drawings are periodically found in many parts of the world. Degterev believes that ancient artists depicted something on earth such that it may be difficult for us to understand.

For the small Mansi people who lived here, these places were sacred – perhaps precisely because of their supernatural properties. Mount Holutchahl Mansi was considered not only mystical, but also dangerous. Offerings were made to her – according to local customs, this allowed appease the harsh deities. However, the ancient people, according to researcher, could not be involved in the creation of drawings, because figures appeared here much earlier than the first settlers. Yes and visible these drawings are only from a great height …

A photo from open sources

According to the author of the find, the taiga area where they are located geoglyphs exceed 70 square kilometers. Many figures abstract, but in some you can clearly see the familiar us forms. Degterev reports that these figures are best seen on winter pictures when taiga does not bloom and trees with shrubs do not hide them on the ground. By the way, this is another powerful argument. against the logging hypothesis.

Who knows, maybe mysterious somehow connected with these geoglyphs phenomena that constantly occur on this mystical pass, in including the tragedy of the Dyatlov group? ..

Geoglyphs Dyatlov Pass

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