At Dyatlov Pass discovered a new body dead

At Dyatlov Pass discovered a new body of the deceasedPhoto from open sources

On Friday, January 8, at Dyatlov Pass – the famous natural boundary in the Northern Urals – found icy corpse. According to preliminary law enforcement body information belongs to an unknown man about fifty years old. The deceased, having received frostbite of his limbs, was lying in a tent.

A terrible find was made by Russian athletes in uninhabited area of ​​the Sverdlovsk region. Dyatlov pass sad known for the events that occurred here in February 1959 of the year. Under mysterious circumstances, died on Mount Holutchahl nine Soviet citizens. The group was led by Igor Dyatlov, in whose honor is the pass and was named. Tourists have been discovered lying in the snow outside their shawl. An autopsy revealed in each of They are numerous abrasions, bruises and other injuries. Reason for these deaths are still unknown. The most diverse hypotheses, for example, about a secret government experiment or contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilization.

Fifty-six years later, it is still unknown what is here. then happened. In 2013, even Russian-American came out horror film “The Secret of the Woodpecker Pass”, which tells about the group Americans who went to this place and faced the same a nightmare that Soviet tourists.

A photo from open sources

“Mountain of the Dead” continues to collect tribute

Despite all the warnings and truly extreme conditions, the “mountain of the dead” continues to attract hundreds annually individuals wishing to explore the Dyatlov Pass. It is known that it’s dangerous to go even in groups and on snowmobiles, however many daredevils make such ascents on their feet and alone. Most likely, so did the infrequent, whose corpse was found here a few days ago. According to representatives of the local Ministry of Emergencies, the man did not register his trip, while he may went all the way on his own, and may have been abandoned with Khanty-Mansi or Perm Territory.

On frostbitten remains near the Sulpa River came across travelers from Perm. One of them immediately called his wife and reported a terrible find. The Ministry of Emergencies to search for the corpse must were starting this morning however adverse weather could prevent the rescuers from implementing their plans. Investigative the group plans to examine the body in place, establishing the exact cause death of a man and his age. Then the deceased will be taken to Ivdel, where A thorough forensic examination will be conducted.

Another mysterious death on the Dyatlov Pass once again proves that this place does not cease to be dangerous, and It is possible that this danger is super-manifest.

Dyatlov Pass

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