At the bottom of the ocean, near New Jersey, found pyramids and underwater “Washington Monument”

Armed with patience and the GOOGLE EARTH6 program, Frank Martin Salishs (F.M. Salichs ) discovered interesting objects on the sea the bottom.

At the bottom of the ocean, near New Jersey, pyramids and underwater foundPhotos from open sources

In addition to the pyramids, Frank identified an obelisk resembling Washington’s famous monument, but larger than the iconic US Capital Building (Washington Monument Height is 169 meters). The rounded shape and some details of the base indicate that the obelisk may be of artificial origin.

Photos from open sources

“When exploring the oceans with GOOGLE EARTH6, I found 640 feet obelisk in the form of a tower. It is at a distance of about 120 ml from coast of new jersey. Being on a very large plane, without other structures nearby within a mile radius, the structure is taller than Washington Monument, which has a height of 555.5 feet. A photo: Obelisk on the seabed by F.M. Salichs

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

On the east side of the base you can clearly see the square areas with very long, straight lines and right angles, departing from the foundation. The lower eastern part of the base has a large round hole, it looks like it was hollowed out. Tower has a cylindrical shape and stands straight as tall red a tree with a narrow peak. 10 km east of this obelisk located in the 3 pyramids and 14 km west of it near dozens and dozens of pyramids are located on the continental shelf.

They are very clearly visible and easily detected by satellite. GOOGLE EARTH6 snapshots. I am currently working on a great video and images from these places and in the near future I will present them for viewing. In the meantime, I want to acquaint you with the details of the obelisk. See video. “… Frank Martin Salichs, December 25, 2012


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