At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, unexplained giant footprints

Inexplicable giant footprints found at the bottom of the Pacific OceanA photo from open sources

English diving robot recently lowered to the bottom of the Pacific ocean, found there strange giant tracks, origin which oceanologists are not yet able to explain. The most amazing and mysterious that these huge recesses in the ground very similar to the prints of someone’s paws. Needless to say that official science does not know giant giants who could so walk along the bottom of the ocean at a depth of several kilometers.

A photo from open sources

At first, astonished scientists suggested that the mysterious marks can be explained by any geological processes, however, such a hypothesis was quickly thrown aside. First, the footprints extremely similar to each other. And secondly, their location suspiciously reminiscent of the result of walking a certain two-legged animal. In total, a robot equipped with a camera recorded about 3,500 prints in the sand. Each of them has a length of about 2.5 meters and depth not less than 13 centimeters.

A photo from open sources

The authors of a potentially sensational find were representatives National Oceanological Center in Southampton. Team under with the guidance of Dr. Lee Marsh, she lowered the robot to a 4-kilometer depth in the so-called Clipperton Zone between Mexico and Hawaii As you might guess, because of the tremendous pressure any large animals cannot live here. Because you can just guess who or what left underwater such traces…


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