Australia burns naturally – at that few already believe

Australia burns naturally - few people already believe in itA photo from open sources

We wrote yesterday that Australia is purposefully burns, and since the arson tools are very mysterious, conspiracy theorists and ufologists shout with might and main about the intrigues of aliens. Here only it’s not yet clear what the goals of these arsonists are.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

The main arson of Australia has already spoken the news resource of this country is And this is not speculation “homegrown” researchers who have been in social networks and conspiracy forums buzz about strange fires on the Australian continent.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

Here are some interesting facts from reporters:

  • mysterious beating from the sky in the forests of Australia energy rays that set fire to trees and bushes;
  • for some reason, many trees burn from the inside, like a fire going on in some fantastic way;
  • the fire is very selective, because several trees, for example, they burn, and among them there is a “fireproof” bush, which is impossible in principle;
  • residents of forest villages who are waiting around the clock the approach of fire to their villages, claim that the forest begins to burn it is not known from what (there are no sparks or fire nearby), moreover, the trees and the bushes begin to burn immediately with the whole array.

Remember, something similar was observed by US residents in California in the fall of 2018, when firefighters and state authorities were put in dead end: who sets fire to the forest and how? Conspirologists and then made a big noise about deliberate arson, but in the media all this came down to the brakes. In Australia, apparently, there are already officials thought: something is wrong here. The scale contributes to this. fires which is much more like it was in California year back.

As in the case of California, theories about the alien are put forward interference, climate or even orbital weapons. Say with the accuracy of what it is, of course, no one can. As well as incomprehensible the motives and goals of those who are satisfied with this remain. But already many understand: something terrible is happening in Australia today, and that’s far from a natural phenomenon, but targeted destruction mainland …

Australia Fires

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