Australian is able to smell the disease Parkinson’s

The Australian is able to smell Parkinson's diseasePhoto from open sources

Parkinson’s disease is today an important medical a problem. In western countries this slowly progressing approximately one everyone gets a chronic neurological illness five hundredth pensioner. A disease is characterized by the destruction of neurons, leading to muscle inelasticity, inability to normal physical activity, tremors, instability of the body and mass other unpleasant symptoms.

You can’t lead a normal life with such a disease. Situation exacerbated by the fact that diagnose Parkinson’s disease in advance impossible. Only when a person begins to experience difficulties, doctors can determine that his central nervous system started fall into decay. However, this ailment cannot be cured – perhaps only ease the symptoms. Now, if it were possible somehow diagnose the approach of the disease in a few years, then the world physicians would probably have come up with something.

University of Edinburgh staff did amazing statement: perhaps an early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is nevertheless is possible. However, so far only one person is known who able to carry it out. And this is not a doctor or scientist, but an ordinary Australian pensioner. Sixty-five year old Joy Milne living in the city of Perth, claims to have an extraordinary gift. She able to smell that a person in the foreseeable future waiting for Parkinson’s disease.

A photo from open sources

The first person Milne diagnosed so was her own spouse Les. Six years before a man discovered this terrible disease, Joy noticed that her husband became it’s somehow unusual to smell. A subtle smell began to come from him. musk, goat milk, and something else very familiar. With time this smell began to get stronger. In response to the words of his wife Les He said that it all seemed to her. A man died in a hospital in Last year.

Error-free diagnosis of patients

At first, the Australian did not associate this smell with her husband’s affliction, however, she met other people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and suddenly noticed that everything comes from them the same strange “flavor.” It was then that Milne realized that she was endowed amazing ability to detect this disease through its sense of smell.

A photo from open sources

Edinburgh researchers were very impressed capabilities of a woman. Joy went through many trials. For instance, once twenty-four people were planted in front of her, half of which was Parkinson’s disease. Australian woman sniffing them identified all patients and seemed to overdo it, reporting that in fact there were not twelve, but thirteen. Struck experts did not even focus on what Milne attributed to patients of a person from the “healthy” group.

However, eight months later, the experiment acquired unexpected turn when that same person taken from the street in order to “dilute” sick participants, was diagnosed by doctors Parkinson’s disease. Thus, a pensioner is faultless identified all subjects with this disease.

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