Australian woman flew around the world in search of perfect spouse

The Australian flew around the world in search of the perfect spouseA photo from open sources

A resident of the Australian city of Lake Macquarie, which is located in the south-east of the country, flew around in search of an ideal spouse thirty countries, having gone more than two hundred dates in various corners of the planet.

Fifty-six-year-old Bambi Smith was so disappointed in the search. the second half in their own country, which decided to try their luck at other states, including the United States, Great Britain, Russia, Japan, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany and so Further.

According to the traveler, she tried to twenty-two years to find a worthy spouse in Australia, however these searches, to Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful. First Bambi Vinyl Long Time herself, then the surrounding men, but at some point her it suddenly dawned on: perhaps the problem is that a related a woman’s soul is somewhere in another country.

This guess seemed so believable to Smith that she decided to act immediately. Australian left her humble business in the care of his brother and traveled to three dozen countries getting acquainted there with the most diverse and interesting representatives strong sex.

A photo from open sources

In Russia, Bambi met with a sixty-year-old artist Arkady, who showed her a huge collection of his works and brought to a restaurant of Russian cuisine. In Italy, a woman went on a date with forty-nine-year-old Stefano, who walked with her through the streets of Venice more than half a day. In Japan, Australian became interested fifty-year-old surgeon Yasuharu, who saved several thousand patients. There were other unusual gentlemen: for example, twenty-three-year-old priest from the Vatican, for some reason wanting to become a serial killer, an American well acquainted with Paul McCartney, English philanthropist and many others.

In total, Smith spent on this unforgettable trip almost half a year. The woman never managed to find her soul mate, however, according to her words, this is no longer a problem, since she learned about men a lot of new things and can easily happily now get married as soon as she wants to. Bambi even wrote the book “Men on the Menu”, which tells about the peculiarities of the mentality representatives of the stronger sex in various countries of the world.

Italy Russia Japan

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