Autistic Boy Helps Cure Game Minecraft

A photo from open sources

Seeing children recklessly cracking down on virtual monsters, most parents are in a hurry to drive off offspring from a computer. But the mother of a 9 year old boy is an exception to rules: a woman in every possible way encourages her son’s interest in playing “Minecraft.”

A photo from open sources

Computer game “Minecraft”, created by a Swedish programmer Marcus Persson, interested in a 9-year-old boy suffering “Asperger Syndrome” – a developmental disorder for which difficulties in social interaction are characteristic. Patients with this they prefer to protect themselves from the effects of external disease world, focusing on a specific occupation or subject. Anna Stam trying to instill in his 9 year old child social skills, noticed how passionate her son is about computer game and decided to use “Minecraft” as training program. The woman who studied the game modes joined to a young gamer to set new tasks for him, which contributed to the gradual education of the boy. “I I got acquainted with the four modes of “Minecraft” and chose creative: in it you can create any design from the proposed blocks. In during the game I use the chat function in which I inform my son about the task. He reads my directions and then gives the answer in writing. Initially, my initiative annoyed him, but with time the child mastered the entire keyboard, if only virtual the adventure continued. “Minecraft” is a rather complicated game, in which cannot be recognized all at once, therefore the son learned to search information you need using sources such as Google and Wikipedia In addition, he began recording videos of his achievements and post it on YouTube ”, – emotionally shares impressions Anna Stam. According to the mother of a 9 year old boy, the main thing in the game is the absence of bloody battles and the constant interaction with the outside world, which is so important for children with “Asperger Syndrome.” Creative Anna even created a personal blog, in who shares his observations and gives advice to parents, bringing up children with this disease. “My child, like any other is amazing and unique, but he has weak parties that we are trying to eliminate by computer games. I dare say that “Minecraft” is one of the most powerful digital tools, superior in efficiency many print publications and practical manuals. This visual the assistant taught my son to read, write and instilled in him others important social skills, ”the inventive blog writes. female.


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