Automatic writing

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How often each of us in moments of depression, boredom or dreams Derived all sorts of scribbles on a piece of paper? But there are times when a person, looking up from dreams, looks in surprise strikethrough: numbers, formulas, figures, verses, lines on unknown language … where from ?! Yes, I could not write this !!!

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Scientists call this phenomenon “automatic writing” or psychography.

In ordinary life, psychographers are absolutely normal people, not with any talents or knowledge. But plunging into trance, they write with amazing speed, not at all in control the process, without even looking at the paper, without blots and corrections and completely another’s handwriting. What do they write?

Correspondence with the dead

In 1945, the Austrian writer G. Iper lost her son. Once she was sitting at a table and aimlessly leading a pen over paper. Suddenly, an electric current passed through her hand, and Iper became fill page by page. When she came to, in front of her lay a letter from her son, written in his handwriting.

Anna Pyamanchini from the Italian city of Luca in a state of trance recorded a message from a certain Robert who died in a car accident. When the case was written in the newspapers, relatives appeared deceased youth, they confirmed many facts cited in letter, and acknowledged that the letter was written in Robert’s handwriting.

These cases could be considered a newspaper duck, but …

Dickens spirit dictates romance

Charles Dickens dies, leaving unfinished his last novel The Mystery of Edwin Drud. Fans of the writer’s talent puzzled and created dozens of versions of the end of the detective story. Two years after the death of the writer in one of the London publishing houses was a man with my version of the end of the novel. The visiting American was by the name of James, who had never before hunted as a writer by labor. All critics were surprised to see that 400 pages printed text written in dickens style using it literary techniques, and in exact accordance with his vocabulary.

As it turned out to be able to faceless hard worker, who had only primary education (James studied only until the age of 13)? James himself claimed to have written labor in a trance state dictated by the spirit deceased dickens. James never wrote anything else. Spirit the great master only visited him once, as can be seen exclusively in order to convey to people their work.

Pearl Carren – Pates Worth

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In 1913, American Pearl Carren from St. Louis, Michigan She began to publish book after book: plays, short stories, epigrams, allegories, historical novels. For 5 years, she wrote in a condition trance totaled 29 volumes. And it was not the pathetic attempts of a graphomaniac: in In 1917, one of the magazines recognized Pearl as the best lyric poet. years, and one of the novels received a Pulitzer Prize.

At the same time, Carren left school at the age of 14 and earlier. she didn’t shine with any literary talents. Pearl herself always said that the author of all the works is Peytins Worth, Englishwoman, who lived at the end of the XVII century, leading her hand. Under the name long-dead Englishwoman Carren and published literary works. IN In 1918, the spirit of the Peytins left Kerrin, and Pearl became ordinary again. a housewife, one in hundreds of thousands.

Xavier and Mirabelli

Psychologist Xavier (30s of XX century) wrote in a trance state more than 120 books: poems, stories, philosophical works, medical treatises. Experts find a way of writing in his works more than two hundred authors dead by then. In normal Javier was unable to write two lines of coherent text.

The Brazilian Mirabelli wrote scientific papers on chemistry, about the origin human philosophical treatises on Buddhism – in 28 languages, including including an exotic one like Chinese. At the same time, the Brazilian himself He was not a polyglot, although he owned 3 languages.

Scientists are persistently looking for a solution to the phenomenon of automatic writing. According to one theory, in addition to the biosphere in nature, there is a “sphere mind “, a kind of knowledge bank formed by consciousness person. This theory explains contacts with long-dead people. But what to do information obtained by psychographers, whose authorship if you can ascribe to a person, then only with a very large a stretch?

Unread message

In September 2012, the editors of one of the journals writing about the secrets of nature, an interesting letter came. “After 1999, when I was supposed to die, but miraculously survived, from time to time on I feel like a cold wave, I sit down at the table and start write. “Warning questions, the author said that he does not drink, does not smoke and do not indulge in foolishness. The letter was not anonymous, the author reported Editorial contact details.

Strange drawings, more similar to blueprints. Free space on paper was taken by incomprehensible icons. The drawings left the impression of something meaningful, clearly having attitude to science or technology. The author wrote that these drawings he is already a whole pile.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

Perhaps these leaflets are just scribbles of a sick imagination. And perhaps these records contain extremely important for humanity information. Only now the letter arrived clearly to the wrong address.


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