Baby in the womb claps

A baby in the womb claps his handsPhotos from open sources of

The flapping baby in the mother’s tummy made a lot of noise in Internet, from undisguised delights to the deepest indignation that this is supposedly the most typical fake. But nothing in this is not surprising …

In India and China, it is not for nothing that there is a saying that educating the child needs another year before his conception, and his birthday should count just the moment of conception. According to spiritual knowledge, which keeps the tradition of these countries, the soul of any person begins to soar over the mother long before conception, and in the womb he hears absolutely everything and sees everything that is happening around him.

Therefore, is it any wonder that today on the Internet such videos appear where a child in the mother’s stomach slams in palms, enthusiastically reacting to some pleasant events, occurring, it would seem, out of his reach. But this is far from So.

Today, scientists already understand that the fetus in the womb is beautiful hears everything that happens in the external environment of his parent, and because women in labor and recommend listening to good music, for example, classics, talk more with your future child, even consult with him on specific issues. No need to think that the child will not find a way to convey his wishes to you.

The same applies to the child’s vision of the environment of the mother. The thing is, that a person possesses not only a physical visual apparatus, but and inner vision. That it allows you to see through any barriers and without any eyes. This has long been proven by a parapsychologist Vyacheslav Bronnikov, who not only created the technique, allowing people to see without eyes, but also in practice demonstrated such and many other amazing features person.

Therefore, there is nothing supernatural that a child in the womb – rejoices and claps his hands. It is much better, than when he is indignant in his tummy and painfully kicks. That’s just the last one is not removed by ultrasound and does not post on the Internet. A after all, in fact, these actions of the baby are of the same order, only opposite in polarity.

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