Baby recognized as one of the smartest people Great Britain

Baby recognized as one of the smartest people in the UKA photo from open sources

4-year-old Alanna George, living in the English city of Iver Buckinghamshire counties recently hosted at Mensu – the largest in the world an organization for people with an outstanding level of intelligence. According to experts estimate that less than 2% of the world’s population can enter this is a society. IQ girls today is equal to 140 points and clearly will become even higher in the future. For comparison, these indicators have Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking were about 160 each points.

The parents of our heroine, 37-year-old Nadine and 39-year-old Edmund, they say that their daughter began to show from a very young age interest in letters and numbers. Alanna started talking at age 7 months. The young British woman was not even 3 years old when she learned to read, and independently. Today, this child prodigy possesses mathematical skills at the secondary level classes. Alanna attends a school where members studied at one time royal family of the United Kingdom.

A photo from open sources

Unfortunately, to trace the further fate of such geeks for some reason it’s difficult. Either journalists completely forget about them, just like much more sensational today, whether skeptic scientists are right, who are convinced that geniuses rarely grow out of geeks – gradually such children are compared with ordinary people and at best case remain simply talented specialists in some area.

There is also a theory of the birth of a new race and similar geeks – these are indigo children, representatives of precisely the new society of earthlings. But also it’s not so simple: it’s not clear why many of those ranked among such indigo children, then became ordinary by adults. Let’s hope that Alanna George is still waiting for a bright and unusual life, and what else will we hear about it – and more than once …

United Kingdom Indigo Children

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