Ball lightning attacks Russian children

Ball lightning attacks Russian childrenPhotos from open sources of

On Wednesday, August seventeenth, in the village of Nepryadva, Tula Region RF lightning bolted into the apartment building and hit the child.

At about eight o’clock in the evening in one of the houses on Novaya Street a large luminous ball flew in. In the apartment at this moment there were elderly spouses and their ten-year-old grandson who came to grandparents from Moscow on vacation. Ball lightning exploded in the kitchen, causing a fire and shocking the boy. Both seniors unharmed, they immediately called an ambulance.

Arriving doctors examined the minor and found in minor contusion, as well as mild damage electricity and temporary hearing loss. Local doctors considered that the hospitalization is not required for the child. Nonetheless, the student’s parents decided just in case to pick him up and show him metropolitan specialists.

A photo from open sources

In the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations The incident was classified as a fire. In addition to doctors, in place firefighters also arrived, however the apartment owners managed to put out the fire on their own. The ceiling was burnt in their kitchen and wallpaper, as well as melted wiring.

Another ball lightning

By some mystical coincidence, that evening on another end of the country, fireball struck another boy. TO unfortunately, this time the electric shock turned out deadly to the child.

The incident occurred at Cape Nyaruy-Sale of the Siberian Peninsula Yamal. The son of local reindeer herders died from electric shock. Fireball flew into the plague and killed the boy on the spot. Mother and sisters of the deceased also received burns, but remained alive. They are currently are in the Salekhard District Hospital. Doctors have all necessary assistance to victims.

A photo from open sources

Many will say that this is a pretty big coincidence. But could not same ball lightning teleport and almost at the same time kill child in another part of Russia?

Recall that ball lightning is almost not studied by science. IN in the academic environment, they are often even explained by hallucinations, which utterly absurd, given the sheer number of eyewitnesses and, of course, the victims. According to witnesses, these clots of energy lead themselves as living beings: they enter homes through doors and windows, fly freely around the premises and try to contact people which sometimes results in misfortunes, such as those described above.


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