Baron Munchausen: a real inventor or fiction contemporaries?

Baron Munchausen: a real inventor or an invention of contemporaries?A photo from open sources

If you think the famous Baron Munchausen, famous your rampant inventions – a fictional character, then you deeply mistaken. The man who bore the name of Karl Friedrich Jerome von Munchausen (1720 – 1797) – a real person! is he in fact was a baron and belonged to one of the ancient Lower Saxon genera. However, fate wished that the name of this person has become a household name.

When in 1781 the Berlin Almanac “A Guide for the Fun people “published sixteen anecdotes about the adventures of the baron Munchausen, the “king of lies” was very indignant … although he himself was involved in this event.

For more than two hundred years since the legendary death Baron, there are a huge number of books, plays dedicated to him, films, musical comedies and radio shows. Someone tried make him a fiery revolutionary, someone – Aryan superman. Fortunately, for most of us, he remained enthusiastic hunter with a passion for adventure, and moreover – to writing fables.

For example, the baron could tell how, being in the service in Russia, he rode a sleigh … with the Russian empress! In this case, the sleigh was so large that they contained both the dance hall and individual rooms designed for other pleasant entertainments … Of course, it was impossible to verify these tales, since at that time, Russia remained an absolute mystery to Europeans.

Even at the end of his life, the 74-year-old baron did not calm down and contrived marry a seventeen year old beauty. Alas, she was only interested the estate of childless Munchausen. When it turned out that born in married child is not from the baron, he drove the unfaithful wife out of the house and lived out a century with his maid …

Despite everything, Munchausen remained an inventor until the last days of life. Shortly before his death, the nurse saw that on her leg Baron missing two fingers (he froze them in Russia). And then true to himself Munchausen found the strength to joke for the last time: “On they were bitten off by a polar bear! ”

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