Bear claw and fang – the meaning of amulets for men

Various amulets from a bear, obtained in the form of a trophy, or simply symbolic images are still popular and demonstrate powerful magical properties.

Amulets help to protect not only from sorcerers, but also from life's troubles, make their owner strong, brave and wise.

Protected bear

Bear – a symbol of the Slavs

Bear claws and skins stand out with the greatest strength among the amulets associated with the animal cult. But the ancestors even revered the images of Ber on stone, wood and metal. In addition to tremendous power, the big beast is distinguished by kindness, so the bear amulet is suitable for both men and women.

The opinion of the expert Ilmira Derbentsev Parapsychologist There is an opinion that the Slavs owe the cult of the bear and other predators to the Celts. Bear and wolf charms were popular among the Germans as well. Other European peoples interpreted the bear symbol in the same way as the Slavs.

It is widely believed that this beast personifies indestructible paganism. The coats of arms of many cities are decorated with the image of the majestic Ber, and all children love fairy tales with the participation of a kind big bear.

In legends, the bear is presented not only as a dangerous rival of hunters, but also as a protector, patron, guardian of the forest. In legends, evil spirits never turned into a bear, because evil spirits fear this beast more than the cross.

Veles (god of nature, magic and wealth) was represented by the ancient Slavs in the guise of the brown lord of the forest.

The meaning of the bear symbol is interpreted as strength, abundance and wisdom – qualities that are transmitted to the bearers of the sign.

The meaning of the amulet bear claw

The claw is a part of a real beast, it has animal energy. Paw – a charm made of a suitable material, made in the form of a symbol.

The bear's claw is a symbol of protection, abundance, power. It has the following properties:

  • protects against evil magicians and attacks of evil spirits;
  • helps to develop intuition and magical abilities;
  • makes the owner strong and healthy;
  • allows you to protect yourself from lies or hypocrisy;
  • helps to navigate in life, to make the right decision;
  • attracts good luck.

Bear claw – protection from witchcraft

The bear is an animal corresponding to Veles (the powerful god of the Slavs), Odin from the Scandinavians, Hermes from the Greeks.

Veles had a connection with Navu – the abode of spirits, including evil, a source of strength for witches and sorcerers. Veles differs from most otherworldly forces in his favor for people. The totem animal of the good god 'gives' claws and fangs, from which amulets are obtained, protecting from the bad influence of Navi.

Such amulets protect from the evil eye, damage and possession. After all, it is a relative of otherworldly forces that is able to convince them not to harm a person.

To protect the house from evil spirits, a bear's fang or claw was placed above the entrance to the house. Shamans hung these items on their clothes to scare away evil spirits.

Bear claw charm for men

Ancient men – warriors and hunters made amulets from their trophies, skins, fangs, claws of predators. This was a confirmation of valor, proof of courage, strength, luck of a person who defeated a formidable beast. In addition, such trophies contain the life force of the animal.

Not only the magical protection of the owner is a function of the bear amulet. The bear amulet helps to develop strength, fearlessness, agility, endurance, wisdom and other qualities, without which it is difficult to imagine a real man.

Bear claw guardian

With a talisman, it is easier to achieve success in any business, but it must be borne in mind that in addition to the creative force, the amulet is endowed with the energy of destruction that accompanies any battle. And the wild animal energy is unrestrained, therefore such a talisman is not suitable for weak people. He is capable of causing harm.

Velez paid more attention to boys growing up in families of traders or hunters. Previously, children always had to continue the work of their fathers. Merchants and hunters are people to whom Veles showed special favor. The bear's claw protected their children until the age of majority. Your children can also grow up strong and healthy under the protection of a bear charm.

Expert opinionIlmira DerbentsevParapsychologistThe bear claw amulet is suitable for those who travel, are engaged in trade, military affairs, and serve in the police. But on the other hand, Veles is the god of poetry and magic, so the talisman can be worn by poets, writers and artists.

The meaning of the amulet fang

The bear fang amulet is made of natural animal bone. There is no point in imitating a fang from other materials – such an object does not have a protective power.

A bear's fang was sewn into a soft toy, made in the form of an animal's paw, and a talisman was placed over the boy's cradle. It was believed that this would strengthen his health, help overcome dangers. In the future, the young man could wear his amulet around his neck.

The Vyatka bear tooth amulet has many functions that are successfully used even now.

The main properties of the bear's fang amulet:

  1. Protects the owner from the effects of evil spirits, evil spirits.
  2. Protects against disease. The toothache will disappear if the amulet is applied to the cheek. A canine is placed on the lower back when the back hurts.
  3. Prevents attack from behind. To do this, the amulet must be placed on the belt from the back.
  4. Helps to prevent the intrigues of enemies, to determine where is the truth and where is a lie.
  5. Protects not only the owner, but also his livestock from the attack of predatory animals.
  6. Relieves nightmares if lying under a pillow.

How to activate the amulet

The easiest way is to energetically cleanse the amulet made of parts of a bear in salt water. For this purpose, use spring or melt water.

Pour water into earthenware, dissolve a handful of salt in it, place the amulet. After a day, take out a claw or fang, pour the water away from home. Then activate the amulet. Focus on the desires that need to be fulfilled and hold the thing in your fist. After that, without removing, wear the amulet.

You can perform another ritual:

  1. Find a forest edge with good energy.
  2. Bury the talisman. Let him remain in the ground for seven days.
  3. After a week, dig out the claw and wash it off the ground in running water (preferably spring water).
  4. Hold the amulet over the fire for a short time.
  5. Hang the fang on the branch. Let the wind blow around him.

During the ritual, communicate with the elements of earth, water, fire and air. Ask to endow your amulet with magical power.

You need to wear the talisman so that the claw or fang of the bear touches directly the body. So the amulet is tuned to a specific person. Over time, the impact of the talisman increases, it helps better.

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