Because of facial hair, the girl was called a witch and expelled from the village

A girl from Nepal who was born with a very rare disease, forced to hide from people and be an outcast for nine years of her life, because her neighbors called her a monster and a witch.

Father talked about how his daughter avoided the company of others children because she was born with a rare disease, due to whose left half of her face was covered in thick black hair. Superstitious fellow villagers called Bhavana Tami, which is now nine years old, a “monster.”

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The reason for this was her rare disease. Therefore, in its own way the village, which is located in the district of Dolagha, 345 kilometers from Kathmandu, in Nepal, the girl almost did not walk.

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The hair on her face did not grow due to a rare disease that without timely treatment can become malignant. However, the girl’s parents could not explain this to the villagers. All without exceptions, the villagers were sure that a child with such a face either a witch, or some other kind of evil. Village council accepted the decision to isolate the family from society, after which they were evicted to the boundaries of the settlement.

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Trying to protect his daughter, his father, whose name is Kaluman, does not allowed his daughter to look in the mirror, but once in the village the journalist who photographed the girl and then showed her photos, whereby an eight year old child experienced a terrible disgust, fear and shock.

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Recently, Bhavana underwent plastic surgery, which gives the hope of her and her father that they will be able to return to normal life. The first operation was carried out in Kathmandu at Support for Children in Nepal last year.

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A year later, the girl underwent a second operation, as a result of which the hair from her face was completely removed. However, the girl is still there is at least one operation to be performed by surgeons after Bhavan is 14 years old.

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After the girl underwent surgery, the villagers took back to her and her father and now she is already playing along with others children. Bhavanna’s life has changed every day since its first operations. Currently, she is already attending school and leads the same life, like all the children in her village.

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