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Stories about how people often appear on the Internet “fail” in time, moving hundreds of years forward or back. It happens in different parts of the world, always suddenly and unpredictably. One of those places where rumor claims are the “gates of time” – in Marseille. This is the so-called “marseille hole”.

It was opened in 1951 by the Belgian Bernadette Laurel., Who arrived to Marseille to your friends. Friends showed the guest a city, she saw not only its noisy central avenues, but also quiet nooks where tourists seldom drop in.

One day, Laurel decided to “plunge into the city”, wandering in loneliness in its quiet suburbs. Once in one of the parks, she sat on a bench and began to look around, outlining further route. Her attention was attracted by the red towering above the trees. brick roof of the church. Bernadette went to her.

Going through the tree planting, she found herself on a strange a graveyard, groomed, with rickety crosses, in the center of which there was a church. The sounds of a memorial prayer recited by Latin. The doors swung open and a funeral procession came out of the church. Four men carried a coffin, followed by a young woman with three by the kids.

Photo from open sources

But what a sight these people had! Men were dressed in rude shirts and baggy pants. The woman’s outfit had nothing to do with fashion of the XX century: a simple hoodie, tied with a rope. Such poverty Bernadette did not even see in the poorest quarters of Marseille, where her Marseille friends drove yesterday. In horror, the girl rushed back pushing through the trees. The path seemed endless to her. Only finding herself on a familiar sand-strewn track, a girl took a breath and looked around. The church disappeared, as it disappeared and a cemetery, and a strange procession.

On the same day, Bernadette told her friends about a strange vision. One of them made the girl repeat his story several times, Pulling out the smallest details of what the church looked like and people coming out of it. The young man was an indigenous Marseilles, He loved his city and knew its history well. He explained to the girl that on the site of the park there was once really a cemetery for the poor, and there was a church. However, they ceased to bury there before the French revolution, and the church was demolished at the end of the XIX century.

The story hit the newspapers. Travel companies have launched a campaign to attracting city lovers to travel in time: “If you if you want to see the past – welcome to Marseille! “,” Marseille hole “- a gap in time!” Tourists tumbled down.

But soon the Marseille police sounded the alarm: several tourists, set off for a walk in the “Bernadette Park” and sit on it shop, did not return home. Concerned City Authorities demanded that travel agencies stop advertising the “Marseille hole”, the unfortunate bench was removed. However, they still come to Marseille tourists whose sole purpose is to visit the famous park. For hours they roam its paths in the hope of “failing” in Marseille hole. But what if?


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