Bermuda Triangle from a Scientific Point of view

The Bermuda Triangle from a Scientific Point of ViewA photo from open sources

Legends of the ships disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle area go for a long time. Someone thinks that aliens intervened, others – that the ships are being abducted by the inhabitants of Atlantis, while others claim that all matter in giant magnetic funnels. There are quite scientific hypothesis. If you stick to scientific evidence, Bermuda a triangle is nothing paranormal. There is everything explanation.

Firstly, many aircraft crashes and ships that occurred outside it are nearby. Secondly, ship disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle not more often than in other parts of the oceans, and many cases due to natural causes.

According to legends, more than 100 ships and aircraft were announced as missing in this place, but dead or missing – more than 1000 people. But the american geographic commission the Bermuda Triangle does not recognize the names as separate territory and therefore does not store any data specifically related with this area. The U.S. Coast Guard does not confirms and declares that in the area of ​​the triangle no no supernatural amount of disasters.

According to Norman Hook, who did research for Lloyd’s Maritime Information Agency in London, Bermuda a triangle does not exist at all, and the vast majority of tragedies in This area was related to weather conditions.

It is worth noting that the level of insurance for ships passing in triangle, no higher than for any other stretch of ocean. TO with the advent of GPS navigation, ships almost ceased to disappear without a trace. Giant killer waves

A photo from open sources

The huge waves that are credited with a series of wrecks are likely to caused by a special bottom topography in the Bermuda area the triangle. Underwater topography of the region affects education waves: the continental shelf first deepens, and then suddenly breaks to a decent depth. In those places there’s a lot deep troughs, which is probably why many wrecks were found – they lie too deep.

Frequent and water tornadoes – in essence, just tornadoes, which they suck in water and lift its column into the sky. Scientists noted that in the area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle is observed increased seismic activity and it is these minor tremors can create gigantic waves. Abnormal magnetic field One of the popular myths associated with triangle, – a temporary and magnetic funnel. Allegedly in Bermuda the triangle there is a special magnetic field that knocks compasses and translates the clock hands. This mystical theory has quite a usual physical explanation, however, a long time ago irrelevant.

A photo from open sources

The fact is that the magnetized arrow of any compass shows to the constantly moving North Magnetic Pole, and the real one, the geographic North Pole is static and lies at about 1200 miles north of magnetic. The difference between the two poles is called magnetic declination and can vary up to 20 degrees in different points of the globe. Magnetic declination line called an imaginary line where magnetic and geographical the poles converge. So west of this line arrow the compass will show east of the true north, and vice versa.

But the zero declination line also shifts, and the speed of this Displacements vary in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. It’s all like you You see, significantly complicates navigation, sailors should always make corrections when building a course. So once the line magnetic declination passed through Bermuda triangle, now it has moved closer to the Mexican the gulf, and if the courses get off at some vessels, then the ill-fated the triangle today has nothing to do with it. To that Nowadays, the reason for such a mistake is rather the human factor, and in the past – ignorance of the features of magnetic fields of the earth. Abnormal Weather In Bermuda of the triangle, sharp changes in the weather and unpredictable storms are often very short, and meteorological instruments do not have time to fix them. Is explained it is also quite simple.

A photo from open sources

Just in the area where the triangle is located, the speed the Gulf Stream often reaches 5 miles per hour, which is extremely complicates navigation even for experienced sailors. Gulf Stream – fast, pulsating flow, which often and randomly changes your speed and direction. Because of this, in those places often vortices and funnels arise, and on the Gulf Stream border with others currents where the flows of warm and cold water converge are often fogs.

The downward flow of cold air, for example, could become the cause of the death of the ship “Pride of Baltimore” in 1986. By eyewitnesses, the wind suddenly increased from 32 km / h to 145 km / h The US National Hurricane Center then stated that “during unstable weather conditions and in the area of ​​low pressure, where strong winds appear, a rush of downward cold air can strike a water comparable to a bomb. ” happened during the crash of the Canadian barcentina Concordia in 2010 off the coast of Brazil. Ominous Bubbles Another reason flooding of ships in the area of ​​the triangle could become deposits crystalline methane hydrate. Ships sink instantly, if from the sea the bottom rises methane hydrate and forms a bubble whose density minimal – thus, the ship loses its buoyancy. However, to flood a ship, it is necessary that the bubble is greater than or equal to the length of the vessel – in this case, it instantly goes under water.

University of Cardiff found large laying methane crystalline hydrate on the ocean floor in triangle – it was formed here mainly due to perennial decomposition of living organisms. Bill Dillon, a geological researcher from The US Geological Survey, states that “in a few cases, we watched the oil platforms go under water due to such methane emissions. ”

Bermuda Triangle Water Gulf Stream Aircraft USA

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