Bermuda Triangle: Scary and incomprehensible

The Bermuda Triangle: Terrible and IncomprehensibleA photo from open sources

Until now, no one has really explained why in this area of ​​the Atlantic ships and planes disappear without a trace. Let me remind you that the conditional line drawn on the map from Bermuda islands to Puerto Rico, Florida and again to Bermuda, outline vast area of ​​the Atlantic, which is commonly called Bermuda the triangle. The Bahamas, where our plane landed, are not far from Florida, right in the corner of the notorious geometric shapes. So there, in the Bahamas, I heard from local journalists a long mysterious story. In August 1840 French ship Rosalie found abandoned near Nassau the crew. The ship drifted with its sails raised. The ship did not have leaks, valuable cargo was in excellent condition, and the only the inhabitant on board was … a canary. Nobody succeeded find out where the crew disappeared. This is just one of hundreds of extraordinary disasters that happened with ships, and in our time with planes in the Bermuda Triangle. By the way, the first known us travelers crossing the triangle was Christopher Columbus in the year 1492. On an autumn night, he saw in the ocean, as recorded in his ship diary, “a kind of glow like a bright lantern, which is either raised or lowered … “What was it? Columbus took night fire as a sign of near land. However caravel santa Maria “(which was subsequently experimentally established) in that the moment was more than thirty nautical miles from shores of the New World. The general public’s interest in the “quirks” of the ocean in The Bermuda Triangle is like a surf in the sea: it rolls, then calms down. However, the same thing can probably be said about idle talk about a bigfoot or about a lake monster Loch Ness. Like all natural phenomena that are not yet clear and full explanation, they attract and inflame our imagination. American researcher Lawrence D. Couchet did a great job, bit by bit collecting and classifying cases of loss of ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle. Great such facts a bunch of. I will give in chronological sequence only some, the most mysterious. 1918 year. American steamboat The Cyclops from the island of Barbados to the port of Baltimore and having 309 people on board, disappeared into the ocean without even passing in broadcast SOS signal. 1921 year. Schooner Discovered in Diamond Area “Carroll A. Deering” with sails raised. On board were only two cats. The strangest thing was that they stood in the galley pots with prepared food. But the team was no longer destined to dine. 1925 year. In calm weather, a Japanese ship disappeared “Raifukumaru”, having managed to pass on the radio: “Rather, to help, this like a dagger! “1931. In the Bahamas the Norwegian ship Stavanger disappeared with 43 sailors on board. 1935 year. Within the Bermuda Triangle, no La Dahama’s nobody-driven ship, although a few days before the captain of another steamboat reported that La Dahama sank on his eyes. 1945 year. December 5, several torpedo bombers took off from Fort Lauderdale Naval Base to make a short patrol flight. But it ended tragically: the planes along with the pilots disappeared without a trace. 1948 year. Gone “Star Tiger” – a British airline plane flying on Bermuda from the Azores. The flight was nearing completion when the pilots passed on the radio: everything is in order. After which the plane fell silent forever and ever. 1953 year. British military transport aircraft “York”, following the course to Jamaica, suddenly gave an SOS signal. To find car and people failed. 1962 year. From Langley Air Base Virginia, a KV-50 tanker with a crew of nine man and headed for the Azores. Soon the radio operator reported that something strange is happening with the plane. This message turned out to be the last one. 1965 year. Mysteriously missing military transport plane S-119, which made an ordinary flight from Homestead air base to the island Grand Turk. 1984 year. In ideal weather conditions in Western The Atlantic held sailing ship competitions. Schooner disappearance “Marquez” none of the participants in the race did not notice, although all were within sight of each other. Marquez distress signal is not filed. And only a day later they found only one crew member, who miraculously managed to escape. The sailor was in extreme shock. By According to him, something terrible and incomprehensible happened to the ship. At completely calm, a whirlwind came from wherever the whirlwind came from. Water instantly turned into a solid white, like milk, foam. AND in less than a minute, the ship with the crew literally swallowed the sea the abyss … There were many similar cases in subsequent years. Moreover all of them, as a rule, did not occur in a storm, but in quiet windless days. And always unexpectedly, suddenly, so people don’t had time to explain anything plainly on the walkie-talkie. In due time to me had a chance to communicate with oceanologists. The most venerable of them, Academician L. M. Brekhovsky, once asked a question about Bermuda the triangle. – You see, – answered Leonid Maksimovich, – I’m for these “secrets” I am skeptical. Insufficient ocean exploration contributes to the emergence of various legends and myths. Some consider mysterious incidents in the Bermuda Triangle proof alien visits to Earth, others claim that residents Atlantis, plunging in antiquity to the bottom of the ocean, miraculously adapted to the life there and from time to time they “wonder”. In a word human imagination is truly limitless. But what really is? As the results of the activity of seismic stations show, in the earth’s crust of this region does not occur any special processes, capable of causing the death of ships or aircraft. All this is only random coincidences and nothing more … However, recently an interesting and Academician Eric Galimov proposed a completely scientific hypothesis. He drew attention to one feature of the ocean floor in the Bermuda area the triangle. There is a hollow about two deep kilometers. In it, according to the scientist, favorable conditions for the accumulation of so-called gas hydrates, that is, deposits crystals of methane. But in the solid state, this gas can remain only at certain pressures and temperatures. Worth a little bit change conditions, and methane from a solid state goes into gaseous. It breaks up through the water column and emitted into the atmosphere, which leads to mysterious anomalies. The water foams instantly, it becomes like boiling milk, why the buoyancy of ships is sharply lost. Not only that, breaking out in atmosphere, countless gas bubbles vibrate on clean infrasound, which causes people to feel panic and unaccountable fear. It is possible that it was at such moments that the crews panicky abandon the court. There is a kind of collective insanity. People literally feel danger with their skin, but not understand where and what it is. Friction of billions of gas bubbles on water acts on a magnetic field, changes it. On ships and aircraft “crazy” equipment, the compass needle starts randomly to rush about. There is an infrastatic field that distorts natural magnetic field. In such extreme conditions they can stray off course even experienced navigators and pilots aircraft. So the “random coincidences” that are with enviable constancy year after year occur in the same The Atlantic area seems far from random. Only time will give the answer is whether the mystery of Bermuda will ever be solved triangle or it is not destined for people.

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