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“… Many ships and planes disappeared without a trace – most of them after 45 years. Here for the last 26 years killed more than a thousand people. However, the search failed to find a single corpse or a wreck … “A terrible place, not right? With these words begins the description of the mysterious The Bermuda Triangle by the American writer C. Berlitz, now this phrase with pleasure is quoted by both opponents and proponents of the hypothesis of existence between Florida, Cuba and Bermuda of some strange mysterious place, in other words – abnormal zone. The zone certainly exists, but is it really she is so bloodthirsty as it is in the newspapers and magazines? A thousand dead in a quarter century is a lot. But imagine that on a land plot of the same area in Russia for at the same time, only 15 times more people died on roads. Comparison with freeways is quite valid, because through the specified the area of ​​the Atlantic passes a huge amount of air and sea routes and in the number of passenger kilometers it will not give way to a whole network highways. It is clear that not every ship goes to the bottom if to be more precise – only a scanty, vanishingly small part of fleet located in this area. Why so terrible fame? … It really started after the Second World War. Phenomenon the psychological state of the American nation of that period is still waiting their researchers, while we try to just touch it in passing. From 1945 to 1949, the United States had a strong army, a monopoly owning a formidable nuclear weapon. It would seem that Americans should were to feel like a nation commanding the rest of the world. They really played with the atomic “club for the Russian guy,” not seeing a worthy adversary of his heroic strength. Theosophists would comment on what happened like this: in retaliation for the increased national pride God sent great fear to America. Only for 4 years, she experienced several shock injections at once; the Americans felt defenseless against the threat even more powerful forces: Martians, aliens from other worlds, just ghosts and ghosts. In 1947, after the ordinary, ordinary UFO sightings appeared “alien phobia”, then many new extraordinary sciences like ufology. But it all started with two years earlier – for fear of the “devouring ocean.” … 5 December 1945 was a typical day for the US Air Force, based in florida. At that time, there was a large the number of pilots who received rich combat flight experience, therefore incidents in the air were relatively rare. Experienced The commander, flying over 2500 hours, was Lieutenant Charles K. Taylor, it was possible to rely on the rest of his pilots 19th link, many of whom were older than Taylor in rank. Yes and the task this time they got is not too difficult: go straight heading for Chicken Shoal, located north of the island of Bimini. (IN. Voitov “Science refutes fiction” Moscow, 1988) Before the ordinary training exercises combat pilots joked and had fun, only one of them felt something was wrong on his soul and remained on the ground at one’s own risk. It saved his life … The weather was gorgeous, five triple torpedo bombers The Avengers (Avengers) took off and headed east, having on board (remember this number!) fuel for 5.5 hours … more of them no one saw what happened to them afterwards – only one God knows. Various hypotheses (most often far-fetched) and versions about this has been put forward abundantly. They all remained unsaid for one reason only – missing planes were not found. But just recently … However, we will not get ahead of ourselves. Before we must try to restore the picture of the tragedy. In advance we warn that the details are taken from the investigation materials and publications of the official chronicle in florida so many details very different from what you may have read … 14.10 aircraft with 14 pilots (instead of 15) took off, got to goals, around 15.30-15.40 fell on the return course to the southwest. A a few minutes later at 15.45 at the command post of the air base Fort Lauderdale received the first strange message: – We have emergency situation. Obviously lost their course. We do not see the earth I repeat, we do not see the earth. The dispatcher made a request for their coordinates. The answer greatly puzzled all the officers present: – We cannot determine our location. We do not know where now we are. We seem to be lost. As if speaking into a microphone not a former pilot, but a bewildered novice who did not have the slightest views on navigation over the sea! In this situation, representatives airbases made the only right decision: “Keep track to the west! “By the long coast of Florida, planes certainly did not will slip through. But … – We do not know where the west is. Nothing happens … Strange … We cannot determine the direction. Even the ocean looks not as usual! .. From the ground they try to give squadrons target designation however due to sharply increased atmospheric interference these the advice was apparently not heard. Dispatchers themselves with difficulty picking up scraps of radio communications between pilots among themselves: – We do not know where we are. Must have in miles 225 northeast of the base … It seems like we … At 16.45 from Taylor strange report comes: “We are above the Mexican by the bay. “Ground controller Don Poole decided that the pilots or embarrassed, or crazy, the indicated place was in a completely the opposite side of the horizon! At 17.00 it became clear that the pilots on the verge of a nervous breakdown, one of them shouts on the air: “Damn take it, if you flew west, then you would get home! “Then Taylor’s voice: “Our home is in the northeast …” The first fright soon passed a little, some islands noticed from the planes. “Below me is land, the terrain is rugged. I am sure that this Kees … “Terrestrial services also searched for the missing, and there was a hope that Taylor would restore orientation … But that’s it It turned out to be in vain. It was darkness. Departed in search of a link the planes returned with nothing (another plane disappeared during searches) … The latest words by Taylor are still underway dispute. Radio amateurs managed to hear: “It seems that we kind of … we descend into white waters … we are completely lost … “By testimony of a reporter and writer A. Ford, in 1974, after 29 years, one radio amateur shared this information: Allegedly, the commander’s last words were “Do not follow me … They look like people from the universe … “(” Abroad “41-1975, p. 18). In my opinion, the last phrase is probably coined or Interpreted later: until 1948, people almost certainly would use in such a situation the expression “come from Mars.” Even at a meeting of the Commission of Inquiry into this incident subsequently dropped the phrase: “They disappeared just as irrevocably, as if flew off to MARS! “Taylor is unlikely to used the uncommon word “Universe”, especially since about aliens from there didn’t even think of science fiction … briefly from the Avengers. After the case of the loss of 5 aircraft “as mushrooms after rain “new stories began to arise with sad end. Bermudologists already had “ordinary” mysterious disappearances not enough, so the postscript, omissions and just deception, which resulted in the number of victims of the triangle court, drowned either for completely trivial reasons (Japanese ship “Raifuku Maru”, around which legends arose, in 1924 crashed in front of another ship precisely because severe storm; three-masted schooner “Star of Pis” in no time sent an exploding diesel to the bottom), or far from the Bermuda area (German barque “Freya” in 1902 the press “transferred” from the Pacific Ocean due to accidental coincidence in the names of the area; trinosaran teignmouth Electron “in 1989 was actually abandoned by the crew, but – short 1800 miles to the “triangle”), or even no trial at all (erroneous the alarm, for example, was raised twice due to half-flooded buoys, set by “Academician Kurchatov” in 1978) … Real, recorded cases of disappearance of ships hardly typed more than 10-15% of what was reported in the sensational newspaper publications. The trouble is dealing with these cases. almost impossible, this mysterious “something” does not leave witnesses. But you can try to “talk” dumb witnesses tragedies – tape, recording radar readings, reports from search services, etc. So back to the disappearance of the 19th link. It was on these events, despite the fact that in Bermuda there were and more bloody and more numerous tragedies, it is worth paying attention, at least as a classic. So, the first and indisputable conclusion, which follows from listening to radio recordings – pilots encountered in the air with something unusual and strange. This fatal the meeting was the first not only for them, but also probably about such they did not hear from their colleagues and friends. Only this can explain the strange disorientation and panic in a regular staff situation. The ocean has a strange appearance, “white water” appeared, arrows appliances dancing agree that this list can scare anyone anything, but not experienced naval pilots, who probably that already found in extreme conditions the desired course over the sea. Moreover, they had a great opportunity to return to shore: it was enough to turn west, and then the planes would not for which they would not fly past a huge peninsula. Here we are approached the main cause of panic. The link of the bombers in full according to common sense and recommendations from the ground in for about an hour and a half they searched for land only in the west, then about an hour – alternately in the west and east. And they did not find her. That the fact that an entire US state has disappeared without a trace may deprive the mind of even the most persistent. In fairness, I must say that they saw the land at the end of their flight, but did not dare splash down nearby in shallow water. Visually according to the outlines of the islands Taylor has determined what is above the ridge Florida Keys (southwest of the southern tip of Florida) and at first even turned northeast to Florida. But soon influenced by colleagues he doubted what he saw and returned to the previous course, as if he located much east of Florida, i.e. where he should to be and where it was detected by ground-based radar installations. But where is were they really? On Earth, the Kiss Observation Report perceived as nonsense of panicking pilots. Direction finders could be wrong exactly 180 degrees and this property was taken into account, but in that the moment operators knew that planes were somewhere in the Atlantic (30 degrees N, 79 degrees W) north of the Bahamas and they simply could not have imagined that what was actually missing the link is already much west in the Gulf of Mexico. If it is true, then Taylor could really see the islands of the Florida Keys, and not – “similar to the Florida Keys.” Perhaps the direction finder operators in Miami failed to distinguish signals from the southwest from signals from the northeast. The mistake cost the pilots life: apparently having searched in vain for land in the west and having consumed all the fuel they boarded the water and sank, while they themselves in vain sought in the east … In 1987, it was there on the shelf bottom Gulf of Mexico and one of the Evens was built forties! (The Truth 2.03.1987). It is possible that the rest 4 is also somewhere nearby. It remains to ask the question: How planes could quietly move for seven hundred kilometers to the west? Cases, if not instantaneous, then ultrafast aircraft movements are already known to aviation historians. During World War II Soviet bomber returning from missions, slipped the airfield in the suburbs more than a thousand kilometers, and sat in the Urals … In 1934, Victor Gooddart over Scotland flew generally not clear where, approached unknown airfield, which in the blink of an eye “disappeared from the field “… These and many other similar cases are united by that ultrafast flights always took place in strange clouds (white fog, strange haze, sparkling darkness). In these terms eyewitnesses reward and another strange phenomenon in which there is a rapid movement in Time; for example, taking a walk half an hour-an hour in the “white strange fog” on the island of Barsakelmes travelers returned a day later. Yes, and in Bermuda itself the white fog triangle is not such a rare guest. After meeting with him one day approaching Miami disappeared from the screens of locators airliner, .. and when, after 10 minutes, reappeared, all available on board, the clock lagged behind the same minutes. In that flight no one of the passengers did not notice anything unusual; it is possible that also invisible to the eyes there will be a sudden increase in speed due to “tricks” with Time. Although no, at the same time, except for notorious fog and post-flight reconciliation of chronometers, pilots should notice the shooter dancing on some devices and even interruptions with radio communications (you have to talk to the ground, a place where the usual course of Time does not coincide with the anomalous “heavenly”). Recall that it was after the pilots of the Avengers mentioned a strange fog appeared and about five broken at once compasses, radio communication with them disappeared and subsequently restored only occasionally. Similar abnormal places occasionally arise also because it exerts on the course of physical Time some influence is all moving around the circumference of the body. This effect as follows from the experiments of Professor Nikolai Kozyrev, in very small scales can be achieved even with the help of tiny flywheels. What talk about the Bermuda area in the Atlantic where the powerful Gulf Stream swirls water vortices hundreds of kilometers in diameter! (Exactly similar formations sometimes become visible on the surface ocean in the form of white or even dimly luminous circles and “wheels”). Vortices spin – time changes – must change and gravity. In the center of the vortex (where the American satellites fixed the water level 25-30 meters below normal) gravity increased, on the periphery – reduced. Isn’t that the reason for many ship disasters that cargo in the hold suddenly increase your weight? In case of non-uniform loading and excess of safety margin Corps disaster is almost inevitable! To complete the tragic pictures to this must be added and the unreliability of radio communications in such places … Of course, after the first reports of Bermuda “tricks” with Time, new chilling souls began to appear in print, but not always true, details … Not so long ago, an American News weekly reported an amazing incident with American submarine sailing in a “triangle” at a depth of 200 feet (70 m). Once sailors heard a strange noise overboard and felt a vibration lasting about a minute. Following this, it was noticed that people the team allegedly grew very quickly. And after surfacing on surface using a satellite navigation system in general it turned out that the submarine is in the … Indian Ocean in the 300s miles from the east coast of Africa and 10 thousand miles from Bermuda! Well, what is not a repetition with the movement of technical devices, only not in the air, but in the water? True, conclusions in this story so far early: the US Navy, as before in such cases, does not confirm, but does not refute this information. But some conclusions can be drawn. in the case of the loss of 5 aircraft. Most likely in the sky above Bermuda Triangle, this link is faced with non-stationary roaming anomalous zone in which they refused devices and flashed radio communications. Then the planes, being in a “weird fog, “moved at a very high speed to Mexican the bay, where the pilots and with astonishment recognized the local ridge of islands … Let’s clarify what “very fast” means. So, an hour and a half after takeoff, the planes fall into a strange fog, where all the appliances fail, INCLUDING THE CLOCK. At 16.45 aircraft out of the clouds and restore orientation (from reports I hear that they already trust compasses). By airfield ground 2.5 hours of flight passed, and the fuel remained 3 hours. How much time has passed on an airplane clock (out of order) – hard to say. It is unlikely that this question could be answered correctly and pilots, in extreme situations time perception is dramatic different than usual. Only one mechanism can give us an answer – these are aircraft engines, they were the only ones that continued normally work in the abnormal zone! So at 17.22 Taylor announced: “When someone will have 10 gallons (38 liters of fuel) left, then we we’ll reduce! ”Judging by the phrase, the fuel actually approached the end. Apparently, soon the planes splashed down because at 18.02 on the earth heard the phrase: “… at any moment can drown …” So, the fuel in the torpedo bombers ended between 17.22 and 18.02, while it should have been enough until 19.40, and with Including emergency stock – up to 19.50. Such a sharp discrepancy can explain only one: the engines burned fuel for 2 hours more, than previously thought! Here it is, the missing link in the chain clue! While on earth only one hour has passed, in white fog flew about three !! Aircraft speed has been all this time ordinary but for a hypothetical outside observer she It would seem 3 times faster! Probably in these 3 hours own time torpedo bombers, alas, slipped the ledge of Florida with home base and ended up in the Gulf of Mexico. Pilots to the end didn’t get out of the claws of a very thinning fog when under ridge of islands appeared wings … you know further. Taylor Of course he managed to find out the islands over which he flew dozens of times. But … did not believe their “miraculous” appearance and at the insistence of the air base took the western course again. (Now the “strange fog” has passed, and the flight took place at normal time.) He believed an hour later and turned back, however, by the inexperienced advice of the dispatchers who kept repeating “You are just flying to Florida” finally knocked him off to the point … In the end, the link was ruined by the lieutenant’s uncertainty: several times he feverishly changed direction, following to the northeast course of 30 degrees, then east (90), then, to the dispatchers’ request – to the west (270). Fuel shortage prompted make the final choice. Taylor played the toss and … won Death. Bombers, once again almost reaching saving continent, made their last U-turn and left 270 degrees course … Away from land … … Friends of the missing pilots still cannot understand why lieutenant taylor ordered, and his subordinates (among whom were older by rank) landed on a turbulent sea, while they could still search for land for two whole hours! .. Flood at high the waves had little chance of escape, and yet Taylor’s subordinates no doubt carry out this order, although only that they swore loudly and argued with their commander about course. Pilots could only make a suicide landing knowing that the fuel is really running out. Presumably around 19 hours the lieutenant’s plane was already at the bottom, radio operators recorded snippets of conversations of other crews among themselves, someone through the clear the noise of the waves tried to call Taylor and received no answer. Then shut up and other voices … On earth, the hope of their return is still persisted, since no one could believe in the fact of splashdown. Another hour passed, according to the calculations of the airdrome personnel at the pilots just now the emergency fuel supply was running out and everyone was waiting miracle … Finally, it was 20 hours, it became clear that expectations in vain … Bright lights on the landing strip that were visible behind tens of miles, burned for some time. Finally, at 9 p.m. minutes, someone in the control room silently turned the switch … … The pilots, of course, were still alive at that moment. Most likely, after the planes went to the bottom, they were in the water in their lifejackets. But the night storm is guaranteed to have done own business. The rich experience of marine disasters suggests that most likely no pilots found were able withstand the cold waves until about midnight … at midnight at 2500 kilometers from this place in Mount Vernon (pc. New York) as if from a sudden blow, Joan Powers woke up at the same time and her 18 month old daughter. Joan immediately realized the reason for her nightmarish sleep and decided to do something that she had never done before – call her husband at the air base. About 2 hours to find out phone and connection numbers. Exactly at 2.00 am in Fort Lauderdale rang. The duty officer who picked up the phone turned red and stuttering answered: “Do not worry, but your husband, Captain Edward Powers, we can’t call, he’s in flying … “A man who turned off the lights 5 hours ago on the runway did not dare to pronounce the verdict aloud. Joan Powers found out the truth about her husband only in the morning from an emergency radio news release … Perhaps with the same abnormal a zone that confused both Taylor and Powers and everyone else the twin-engine flying boat missed and disappeared without a trace “Marine Mariner”, the one that fearlessly went in search of The Avengers. The last words of the seaplane radio operator were about “strong wind at an altitude of 1800 meters” … Although the reason may to be more prosaic, someone in the flight area of ​​this boat saw bright flash in the sky. An explosion? .. Together with the crew of the boat, the number of victims the “triangle” that evening was 27 people … … When the hypothesis described above more or less took a harmonious shape, I decided to introduce her to one of the direct participants those events. Already mentioned Don Poole, now 82-year-old lieutenant colonel retired, still lives in Florida. I expected anything answer, but this … “Everything described may be interesting, but according to you it turns out that the planes crashed in the Gulf of Mexico, they were actually recently found in the Atlantic, only 10 miles from Fort Lauderdale’s home base! Relatives of the dead say that it would be better not to find, it’s bitter to know that the pilots died literally on doorstep at home, one minute flight! So the topic is closed. First found 4 planes together, then the fifth one was found – with the number 28, That was Taylor’s number! Yes, they flew like that: “twenty eighth “Taylor ahead, four followers …” This news! True, I did not understand at all why the 19th link fell into the water. in the area why they were hard to hear on the radio, for 10 miles (18 km) they should have been heard as from neighboring the room … Something was missing in the new mystery, and I decided find out details … Everything coincided. Via Russian-American Press Center managed to find out all the details this is undoubtedly the greatest find. In 1991, a search vessel Deep Sea, South Pacific Project North East Fort Lauderdale searched for a sunken Spanish galleon with in gold. The team on deck joked about the secrets of Bermuda triangle, someone gagged, recalling various stories, including including the missing torpedo bombers. Therefore, when the message arrived “Under us are torpedo bombers,” everyone took it as a joke. it there were 4 Avengers lying in formation at a depth of 250 meters, the fifth with number 28 was a mile from the rest. Four as if slightly lagged behind the leading “28th” aircraft (involuntarily recall version that Taylor’s last words were: “Don’t get close, they look like … “). They immediately raised the archives. It turned out that for all time in the Atlantic Ocean 139 aircraft fell into the water like the Avenger, however, a group of five planes disappeared without lead only once in December of the 45th. Skeptics also decided check if planes in the area could fall into the water with aircraft carrier? Similar records in the archives were also not found, but soon the need for their search has disappeared, more detailed photographing finds proved that the planes were landing on the water: they had propeller blades are bent and cab lights are open. Tel in cabs not found. No one else doubted that it the missing 19th link, especially since the two sides were letter Images “FT”, so designated aircraft based on the base Fort Lauderdale. US Government, Navy, and MTP Firm immediately started a lawsuit between them find, while relatives of the deceased demanded to leave airplanes alone. Pioneer of the Avengers Hawks in one of of his last interviews said: “We will sail on an underwater closer to read the numbers. I am sure that they are! We have solved the greatest mystery! But if it turns out that this is not the 19th link, it means that we have created a new great puzzle, because 5 planes cannot so easily gather at the bottom ocean! .. “But the secret did not succumb … More recently, I again called Andrei Kasyanenko from the Press Center and delighted: “On your request came fresh material … “Long multi-page an article describing the misadventures of the Deep Sea ship about how hard the researchers had underwater how long did they get to rooms, and how … disappointed: two rooms were clearly visible FT-241, FT-87 and two only partially – 120 and 28. At the missing link numbers were: FT-3, FT-28 (Taylor), FT-36, FT-81, FT-117. Got along only one number, and that one – without an alphabetic designation. Rooms found at the bottom of the aircraft are still not identified, among the missing they are not listed. In most archived records only the serial number of cars is listed, but since these numbers recorded on the plywood keel of the Avenger, there is no hope that the number on the planes has been preserved for such a long time. In a word, riddles remain open. Which planes lie at the bottom of the ocean near Fort Lauderdale, what or who made them get together? And where But did the “same” planes go away? After the failure in the Atlantic the captain of the ship Deep Sea categorically refused to go to Mexican bay in order to read the number previously found there “Avenger”: “I don’t give a damn about planes,” he said, “ “Better we find a Spanish galleon!” Apparently the secret which you just read about will remain a mystery yet for a long time.

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