Biblical Marovo Lake

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In the Czech Republic, in the central part of the country, near the village of Treba, strange phenomena have been observed for many years. Forest that grows outside the village, locals consider it bewitched. Many trees in it has downed tops. Trunks of maples and birches or incredible twisted, or curved.

Mysterious phenomena

In the summer, at night, a bright glow and flashes. In their gardens, residents sometimes find small luminous balls: if you pick them up, they melt like ice. IN the time when these balls appear, dense an orange fog in which the legs are tied like cotton wool, and turn green, as if from a cold.

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Behind Třebía, in a meadow, sometimes a pillar of light is also visible inside him is an obscure female figure. Sometimes there are as many as three light columns, inside of which are the figures of horsemen.

Ancient legend

Also not far from the village there is a small lake, long since called Marov. The water in it is completely dark and opaque. According to an old legend, a girl named once lived in these places Mara in love with this guy. Already getting ready for the wedding, like all of a sudden…

Once, a prince found himself near a village during a hunt. By chance, seeing the beautiful Mara, he inflamed with love for her and sent to the matchmaker girl. However, she refused the prince. Then that is insidious stole Mara and took to his castle. Unable to endure such dishonor unfortunate ran to the shore of the lake and rushed into its waters.

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Fate punished the treacherous prince with madness, and Mara with that distant pores and lives in the depths of the lake. They say that at night the drowned woman sometimes he comes ashore, sits on a rock and sings a sad song. However, woe to the man who inadvertently sees Mara either hear her sad singing. Being lured into the lake, it will perish without trace.

Lake surroundings

The inhabitants of Třebí consider Marovo Lake to be pernicious and claim that he has no bottom. Even in the summer heat, the water in the lake remains icy. IN this exceptionally strange body of water does not have fish, let alone swim here you can’t force the locals to be threatened with death.

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Interestingly, not far from the eerie lake there is a swamp. Earlier it it was also a lake, Demon Lake, but overgrown with time. Here residents said that if you swim in this lake on your birthday, You can be younger for a dozen years. It often came here to swim withering ladies from all over the Czech Republic and even from abroad.

Once, near the Marov Lake, a camp of gypsies broke. Amazing but their horses refused to drink lake water and did not even want to approach her, while they beat the ground with their hooves and snored. Suddenly the gypsy baron broke paralysis. As the old fortuneteller stated, in one, and possibly both lakes, the devil threw a stone, why these became perishable.


At one time, an expedition of archaeologists worked in the vicinity of Třebí. from Prague. Scientists have found the remains of the settlement, which dated to the V century. The ancestors of the present Czechs lived in it. It was also discovered the place where the ancient pagans apparently committed various rituals. This meadow is located on a low hill near Marova Lake.

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In the clearing are two completely smooth stones, as if specially polished. The locals have long known about the “damn stones “and therefore were very unhappy with the actions of archaeologists. Old-timers predicted that demons will avenge those who commit great sin rummaging in the earth.

When the expedition departed, the villagers made bonfires on clearing in order to heat the magic stones, after which they began to water them cold water. As a result, each stone split into several parts, and all these pieces were dumped in Lake Marovo. People believed that in this way they would escape the revenge of demons.

Wooden cross

After that, soon near the lake grew a wooden cross about three meters high. It is not known who put this cross, but in the summer at its peak invariably a wreath appears woven from wildflowers. It is noteworthy that no one ever managed to see someone crowned like that way cross. Rumor has it that Mara herself does it.

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… Gradually the old Treba becomes empty. Old people die, leaves for Ostrava youth. Nobody builds new houses, old ones decay. Notoriety also does not add to the village popularity. That’s the once busy village turns into a wasteland, among which a lonely wooden cross rises upward …

Water Time Stones

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