Big Blue Hole in Belize

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A big blue hole or a great blue hole is round karst funnel surrounded by Lighthouse reef, the depth of which is 124 meters and a diameter of 300.

Originally the blue hole was a huge limestone cave, formed during the ice age. But with time its arches collapsed under the pressure of all the incoming ocean water.

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This unique in its beauty place has become widely known. thanks to Jacques Cousteau, who included the Great Blue Hole in the top ten the best places in the world for deep sea diving.

With the onset of tides, large whirlpools dragging algae, small and large debris, and even boats with people.

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When you look at the Big Blue Hole near or from above bird’s eye view, it is clear that the water on its surface is saturated, dark blue, so it seems that the depth of the ocean basin It is not 124 m, but several kilometers.

There is a theory that an underwater well of such a regular shape and with such smooth walls could not form on its own. There is opinion that karst funnel could be created by people in the deep antiquity, in order to use it as a huge reservoir for storage.

A photo from open sources

In the confused labyrinths of the caves of the Big Blue Hole at a depth of 70 meters, the skeletons of three people were discovered. Supposedly they were divers lost in karst formations on the walls ocean trough.

The underwater inhabitants of the Great Blue Hole, such as the nanny shark, the Caribbean reef shark, a giant grouper, can only be found on its surface. This is due to the lack of water circulation and lack of oxygen in the depths of the ocean basin.

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