Bird frozen in the sky: a failure in the matrix or just a fake?

A bird frozen in the sky: a glitch in the matrix or just a fake?A photo from open sources

The user of the social network Facebook American Kailin Bowman, living in a small town gallup shatata new mexico laid out a mysterious video on his page. It is fixed on it in the air a bird that does not flap its wings does not soar, but simply as would be “stuck” in the sky.

The video, according to Kailin, was shot by her boyfriend Jay, who drove their daughter Lily to school that morning by car. IN at some point it was the girl who drew attention to a strange bird in the air, which seemed to freeze or at that time, as she will say, in the world “shooting stopped.”

Jay immediately took out a smartphone and tried to take what he saw so that then try to understand and explain this case, because for a long time to examine a bird and draw hasty conclusions from him on that there was no time.

The bird looked like a big black crow, which spread its wings in flight, and so it suddenly remained “pinned” to the sky. This is the word the man used, because that, as he later tells Kailin, this strange crow, if take a closer look, move her beak, that is, she was alive, but … for some reason, she could no longer flap its wings and fly.

Facebook users have put forward several versions, why the crow suddenly hung in the air. Basically it all came down to the fact that in the matrix where we supposedly live, there was another software a failure. This, they say, is not happening for the first time, moreover, recently for some reason, such program errors occur more and more often, which suggests that this virtual reality is ready about to disappear.

Skeptics, in turn, suspected the most common fake here. Their argument is far from new: why all such videos are shot on some outdated smartphones that don’t have a decent camcorder? But maybe Jay didn’t really have the coolest smartphone? A then, if in about five years every inhabitant of the Earth will have a mobile a device with an excellent video camera, is it really high-quality shooting UFOs, various anomalies occurring in our reality, will something change? Can scientists really believe in yeti, aliens, and skeptics will quickly transform into ufologists and independent researchers? Yes, it never will be, and they both certainly find new arguments and reasons not to believe all this or just wave it off: this cannot be, because it cannot be never…

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