Black fog at the lake Shaitanka

Now the mysterious mysterious witnesses are no longer alive incident that happened in the summer of 1990 on Lake Shaitanka, which in the west of the Chelyabinsk region. Recently, Germany died in Germany. Rogov, thanks to which this story gained fame. Some facts were cited earlier in the Russian press on the story. another eyewitness – N. Kharitonov, who died in the early 90’s.


That summer, a group of three Saratov tourists – N. Kharitonov, V. Rogov and the third, whose name Rogov did not remember, – set up a tent in a picturesque area about a kilometer from Lake Shaitanka, which is not far from the city of Asha in the Chelyabinsk region. Near the Saratovites there were tents of two more groups having a rest.

Shaitanka lake is very small

Black fog at the lake ShaitankaA photo from open sources

… In the morning, Kharitonov and his comrades were tormented by headaches pains. They all started at the same time. The friends decided that picked up some kind of virus. Tourists felt something similar. neighboring groups. They approached the Saratovites, complained about the head pain and asked for some medicine. Members of the Kharitonov Group decided that if tomorrow their condition does not improve, then they will roll up the tent and return to Ashi.

The main events took place in the evening. At 5 o’clock the sky was shrouded the clouds. As Rogov said, everyone had a lasting feeling approaching danger, as if just about something should to happen. Headache intensified. Kharitonov suggested not wait in the morning and collapse the tent right now. All at once agreed. However, fees, beyond expectations, dragged on. People moved in some kind of slow rhythm, each movement was given with by labor.

When they finally turned the tent, they saw a forested hill a strip of dense black fog. He moved on undergrowth, felling and ferns with a compact mass, meters 50-60 wide. Pale white lights resembling in its depths to lightning discharges. There was no thunder – on the contrary, there was a dull silence, implausible for the forest.


“We knew that where the fog crawled, there were people – Rogov told. – Soon we saw them. They walked away from the fog throwing your things away. Then something completely unbelievable happened. A mass of fog suddenly skyrocketed toward people the black tentacle that immediately covered them all and froze, as if falling to the ground. Meanwhile, the bulk of the fog continued move. Soon, another tentacle “fired”. It did not fly straightforwardly. First it shot up, and then it crashed down and also froze. We were not visible, but we all realized that this is the second the tentacle covered some prey. Maybe people … ”

Kharitonov ordered to leave things and run to the path. Everyone’s head it cracked with pain, but the fear was even stronger. People had the feeling that they are being pursued by some living, very evil creature, sowing death in its path. Saratov lucky: on the road, where they ran out, a truck was passing by. The driver is a young guy also complaining of a severe headache, agreed to let them in body. After a quarter of an hour they were already far from a terrible place. Then the headache also passed.

A photo from open sources

Day after two of the group – Horns and Kharitonov – decided return to the parking lot and look for abandoned items. Arriving, they they found police there. It turned out that the day after them someone from the locals found a stampede in that place several corpses. It was the tourists who on that ill-fated evening hit the black fog zone. Saratov interrogated how witnesses.

Then they learned that the found corpses were scary grind, as if visited in some kind of diabolical meat grinder. Anomalists later found that nothing like this before, nor after this incident was not observed here. Most researchers adheres to the “alien” version. In their opinion, the creators of the fog are aliens. Perhaps they specifically hunted people.

However, the nature of the mutilations casts doubt on involvement aliens to these killings. As you know, aliens are carving corpses neatly, “surgically”, pumping blood and cutting internal organs are very even, obviously using some kind of tools. There was nothing of the kind here. Such a monstrous state corpses can, for example, say that a foggy formation – this is a kind of living creature that has emerged from the bowels of the earth.

Anomalous News No. 20, May 2014

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