“Black hole” captured in the sky above Kirovsky

Photo from open sources

Residents of the city of Kirovsk, Murmansk region began a few days back by witnesses of a mysterious phenomenon, which was immediately told as they say, to the whole world.

At about half past eight in the evening over the local park “Mysterious forest” formed an incomprehensible anomaly, similar to huge luminous circle. Of course, eyewitnesses did not fail capture such a mysterious phenomenon on the cameras of their mobile phones. By turning on the video below, you can see this incomprehensible radiance themselves.

Once on the World Wide Web, these frames quickly scattered across numerous entertainment portals, as well as resources, dedicated to inexplicable phenomenal phenomena. Some users Networks believe that the real black appeared over Kirovsk hole. According to others, it was something mystical. Still others say about a religious sign. If you believe the fourth, everything became the fault aliens whose “flying saucer” hovered over Kola peninsula.

A more skeptical hypothesis of a lenticular a cloud that turned out to be illuminated by bright moonlight. Such clouds are rare enough, and their hallmark is complete immobility, even in the presence of strong wind. And then there moon…

However, to say with absolute accuracy what it is, not maybe no one. Recently, in the sky above us (and not only in sky) there are more and more bizarre anomalies that are not observed earlier, and it is unlikely that all of them can be found materialistic explanation. Is it just that: in humans there are more opportunities to record all this on video and share such miracles with a multi-thousand (multi-million) audience Internet users. Maybe that’s why it has become so in our world a lot of puzzles? That is, they were before, but who could tell us about them tell then …

Black hole

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