Black stationary object in the sky of Brazil

Black stationary object in the sky of BrazilPhotos from open sources of

Eyewitnesses who watched at that moment this miracle in the sky, like the author of the video (see below) argues that it’s not even an object, and an obvious figure, very similar to a human one. As if in a flying robot hovers in the sky, because it is very motionless. In any case, from a long distance it is not visible that this dark the object was moving somehow.

Famous conspiracy therapist and ufologist Tyler Glockner, who first uploaded the Internet video footage with a strange figure in the sky Brazil, commented on this case:

This is a very strange UFO. Unfortunately, except not very high-quality video, I no longer have any information and details of this phenomenon, only the country where he was spotted. It is surprising that THIS (either a figure, or a robot-like aircraft of unknown origin) absolutely not moving in the sky – it just hangs like a balloon. But I never video of such balls and even airships. It is something strange, even earthly origin …

On many Internet resources where this information appeared, commentators reacted differently to UFOs in the sky of Brazil. Some in fact, they believed that in the air was not an aircraft, but man, and “this type” rose above the ground not thanks some engine, because otherwise it would move, and here something mystical at all.

Other Internet users felt that in the sky a cloud is fixed, a sign is an unusual thing, you can even say – the rarest. But then there is the theory of intelligent clouds, and it that explains a lot (read the link interesting material about this on our resource). In this case, we don’t even know who and with which purpose “created” this anomaly. If even Nature itself, then, probably not to laugh at us …

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