Blind traveler will overcome on his own largest salt desert

A blind traveler will independently overcome the largest salt desertA photo from open sources

Yesterday, July 17, blind French teacher Albar Tessier, recently Arriving in Bolivia, began a solitary hike through Uyuni – the largest salt marsh on the planet. For a whole week, until July 23, a man will walk about 140 kilometers using only the “talking” GPS navigator.

Our hero plans to overcome 20 kilometers a day, and this a difficult test, even for a sighted person. Desert temperature will be in total from minus 3 to plus 20 degrees Celsius. The Frenchman was preparing for this for about 2 years, but admits that even the hardest workouts cannot compare with real travel.

According to Albar, he intends to demonstrate to the world that people with handicapped people are also capable of impressive deeds and records. First of all, he wants to prove it to his students, who are also blind: from birth or not. Tessier himself completely lost his sight only a few years ago, due to illness, and this campaign was a huge incentive for him to continue have a craving for life.

The dry lake of Uyuni in the south of the Altiplano plain was chosen a traveler for a reason. The salt marsh is a huge flat surface where nothing will block man way.

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