Blood stain stepped on a road in the county Staffordshire, UK

A blood stain appeared on a road in Staffordshire, UK.A photo from open sources

A bloody stain appeared on a road in Staffordshire, Great Britain

Businessman Darron Fleming noticed that part of the A523 road Ashbourne, at the entrance to the city of Leek appeared “bleeding”, and the highway has turned red, reports Leek Post and Times, UK.

Mr. Fleming said: “So what happens in this busy on the corner of the highway on the Leek site, are these some kind of planetary stigmata? I I drive here daily, and for the first time I noticed this strange phenomenon more than four weeks ago. ”

“Initially, I thought someone spilled a can of paint on I’m flailing, ”Fleming continues,“ but then I noticed that this liquid seeps through the cover, as if there is a “bleeding” of the road. This is so strange.”

Leek Post contacted the local road department and asked them what they think on this occasion. Advisor Department Simon Tagg, looking at the photo, expressed the opinion that it may be some leakage of water, highly saturated with iron and therefore having a red color.

“Our road officers will monitor the situation and check will an additional investigation be needed, “said Tagg.

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