Blue Lake – a mystery of nature

A photo from open sources

Conductor Nikolai Brazhkin, a resident of the village of Shadrino Kudymkarsky district, leads a film crew with an ornate path to the unusual a place that is popularly called the Blue Lake. They say visitors they themselves will not find this place, few have been here.

Blue Lake is unusually small – only about 10 meters in diameter. And the depth of the tiny blue lake still remains a riddle – they could not get to the bottom with a 5-meter pole. Water color locals are recognized, always different. In cloudy weather – closer to green, and in sunny – transparent blue. Local residents argue that not everyone can find a lake. It was already several cases where a group of people went astray, and getting lost, came back. They assure that since ancient years the source protects itself from prying eyes. Ancestors called this pond Hemp Lake. Local resident Galina Nilogova recalls that for a long time this plant was soaked in this water – so the threads for shirts and ropes were stronger. Recently water from Blue lakes were taken for examination. It turned out that the water is crystal clear, high in copper. What is a karst funnel drenched in groundwater, an underground lake that emerges, or expanded mineral spring – locals don’t know, but sure that the place is mysterious, as well as the color of the source.


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