Bosnian pyramids

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What pyramids do you know? Egyptian, Mayan pyramids, some may have heard of the Chinese pyramids. In the 21st century on the title of a country pyramids European Bosnia has applied.

What can be found by looking at images from space

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Bosnian pyramids were discovered by Semir Osmanagich, who lives in the USA. Looking at aerial photographs of his native Bosnia, he drew attention to the geometrically regular shape of Mount Vysočyca, located to northwest of Sarajevo near the city of Visoko. Osmanagich more than 15 years dedicated to the study of the pyramids of Latin America. But the pyramids in Europe? Where from? It is not surprising that they aroused genuine interest in him. In 2005, an amateur archaeologist, doctor of sociology and writer Semir Osmanagich went to his historical homeland.

On the spot

The first day on the spot gave him a “surprise”: mountains, suspected of artificial origin, turned 3! (Is he still did not know that soon the figure will be adjusted and 3 will have to be redirected to 5!) There was also a “surprise”, it’s not quite pleasant: the residents of Visoko themselves that the mountain above their city is a pyramid, first learned from Osmanagich. No legends myths, legends about the once powerful in these parts of the world states (which Osmanagich secretly hoped for) among local the natives did not exist. The first large-scale excavations began in April 2006

First finds

Dozens of volunteers led by Osmanagich started to work. A few days later, taking off a few points almost a meter layer of earth, volunteers found that stone blocks clearly artificially joined to each other origin. Their man-madeness was confirmed by experts from Egypt: archaeologist El Hadidi and geologist Barakat. Each pyramid turned out to be composed of blocks 2.5-3m, steps to the top are terraces, at at the foot of the pyramid they found a paved road.

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Bosnian Institute of Geodesy sent a message that the verge of a mountain oriented strictly to the cardinal points. Slabs with carved ornament and stone with unknown scientist inscriptions (runes). In the same 2006, in the area of ​​the pyramids found underground the tunnels.

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All tunnels led to the base of the pyramids. Height – about 2m, total the length (of the investigated part) is about 10 km. Assumed that all the pyramids are interconnected by a system of underground corridors. But where exactly the moves lead to – no one knows yet, not one yet the tunnel has not been completely completed, clearing is slow.

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Question of dating Bosnian pyramids

The experts determined the age of the Bosnian pyramids quickly and very unpretentious way. In local climates, 1 cm of soil per surface formed over 200 years. Based on the thickness of the layer, the number that covered the pyramids was 10-12 thousand years. Osmanagich the conclusions of experts are commented as follows: “10 thousand years ago, the pyramids were abandoned, and they were built much earlier. ”

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Word to scientists

Well-known scholars refuse to acknowledge the discovery of Osmanagich. 10thousand years ago, Europe was experiencing an ice age. Human the Paleolithic lived in fear of hunger and was primarily worried food, and not the construction of grandiose structures.

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Semir’s proposal to postpone the time of construction of structures on several thousand years back centuries and allow existence on the territory of Europe of civilization equal to Egyptian, causes them just awful. The last line of defense, where they agree to retreat – it’s recognize the pyramids are hills of natural origin, just ancient builders gave them the right shape, overlooking the hills numerous stone blocks.

What is hidden inside the pyramids?

While proponents of classical history are looking for someone to attribute work to to transform hills into pyramids, Osmanagich continues research. A Russian researcher who arrived in 2007 pyramids Oleg Khavroshkin in his report noted that “the results studies suggest the presence of pyramids inside large hidden cavities. “Osmanagich is eager to find and open these cavities. We wish him good luck.


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