Brazilian miracle worker psychic surgeon Arigo

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With no medical background, Brazilian Arigo in in a state of trance conducted operations qualified certified surgeons as “unique.” Coming out of a trance, he is not remembered absolutely nothing.

Semi-literate simpleton

A photo from open sources

Arigo was born on October 18, 1921 in eastern Brazil in the small town of Congonhas do Campo. His real name was Jose Pedro de Freitas. The neighbors awarded him the nickname Arigo (Simpleton), absolutely accurately determining the nature of this person. A family barely making ends meet, so Jose, after graduating from grade 4 elementary school, at age 14 went to work at the mine.

For 6 years of hard labor, Arigo saved up money and bought a small a restaurant. He was quite satisfied with the fate of a small restaurateur. When the age of Arigo was approaching 30, and he had already begun to “get up on legs, “life gave him a surprise.

According to legend, once he looked at a neighbor from whom doctors have already refused (cancer). Looking at the suffering of a woman, Arigo threw himself at her with a knife and in front of those present cut out tumor. Then he threw a bloodied gun, ran out of the house and cried.

Miner surgeon

How and when Jose actually performed his first operation, we we don’t know, but in the late 40s, patients came from all over the district miracle doctor. Throughout the state, he was told how he restored vision. blind, deaf hearing, cured cancer, paralysis and any injuries.

In 1950, Arigo met an old man in a hotel in Hirozonte. acquaintances – Senator Bittencort. He sadly told Jose that the doctors made him a terrible diagnosis: colon cancer. Tumor found inoperable. The maximum that doctors promise him – 2 months of life. Arigo suggested surgery. Senator who there was nothing to lose, agreed. That evening Freitas cut out the tumor with an ordinary penknife. After that case Arigo’s fame went far beyond the state.

National Hero of Brazil

Patients from all over Brazil began to come to him. Operated on Arigo and in the local hospital, and at home. If his name was himself went to the sick. He diagnosed, prescribed prescriptions, carried out operations. For 5 years, he helped more than 10,000 people. Recall this there were people from whom official medicine sentenced to death. Ahead of them was only death. These are 10,000 saved lives. His people who stood at the very top of social trusted life stairs, and once in his house asking to save his only daughter Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek entered.

Along with fame, discontent from official medicine, calling José a “Rusty Knife Surgeon”, and his activity is “mockery of medicine”. In 1956 district council of doctors with the support of the Medical Association organized the prosecution of Arigo.

Failed business

Trying to put Jose in jail, accusing him of illegal labor activity ended in failure. It turned out the “miracle worker Jose” is not took money from his patients! No wonder he was dubbed “Arigo” – A simpleton! The charge was urgently re-qualified as “illegal” medical practice. “Yes, Arigo really didn’t have diploma, and the fact that he saved the lives of people, in terms of his law not at all justified. Sentence – 7 months in prison. But the healer did not sit in jail for a day.

President of the country Kubitschek (doctor himself by education), whose daughter once saved Arigo, freed him from punishment and by special decree allowed senor Freitas to practice medicine for 10 years without a diploma.

Doctors took revenge in 1968. Kubitschek by this time went to resignation, there was no one to defend Arigo. Examination of the “Arigo Case” a special commission of 15 medical luminaries from the most prestigious universities. Commission members attended 170 operations and tracked the fate of about 1,000 patients whom Arigo diagnosed and prescribed treatment. What they saw and learned they were simply shocked.


On the day, Arigo received from 60 to several hundred patients. Diagnosed within a few seconds. I did the operations first a tool that fell under your hands: a garden or penknife, in presence of commission eye cataract carved manicure with scissors. No anesthesia, no sterility. “Working tool “Arigo before the operation wiped his hem shirts!

Sometimes, having diagnosed, prescribed treatment and prescribed prescriptions, from which doctors’s hair stood on end: well-known drugs in gigantic doses and incompatible combinations. And all this is Arigo spent in a state of trance, leaving which I did not remember absolutely nothing! In the normal state, “The Surgeon of God by Grace” fell into fainting at the sight of blood.

Shock 2

Despite the complete lack of anesthesia, all patients claimed that during the operation they did not feel any pain. All operations ended with the recovery of patients. Did not have not a single case of infection or postoperative complications. His absurd recipes were amazing effective. Of the 1,000 diagnoses, 550 members confirmed as faithful, the rest could neither confirm nor deny, since the necessary equipment was missing.

After the operation, Arigo squeezed the wound for several seconds, bleeding stopped, the wound was healed. Scarring resolved within a few minutes or hours (maximum 3 days). In only 5% of cases, Arigo admitted that there was nothing to help. maybe a person is really doomed.

Law is law

The commission’s verdict was this: it is a miracle, Jose de Fretos really heals and cures people. Despite this, the prosecution it took 16 months in prison for “illegal medical practice.” The judge, who himself was present at several operations of Arigo, got along as he could and gave 2 months – less than less.

Heard the verdict of the court, Arigo only said that “it is necessary hurry up, there’s very little time left. “He felt that death, in which he stood across the road, is already breathing in the back of his head. “Surgeon from God” died in an accident in 1971. In the upturned the bus he was the only one dead and the only affected.

Says Arigo

Arigo himself never called himself a healer or a doctor. “Not me I’m flying, God’s healing with my hands, “he said. However, sometimes José spoke out more definitely. According to him, when immersed in with his hands healed the spirit of Adolf Fritz, an Austrian surgeon, died in the First World War. Jose just shouldn’t bother him. In particularly difficult cases, the spirit of Fritz consulted the spirits French doctor and Japanese surgeon.

That is how Arigo himself explained his talent. No matter how extravagant it seemed to explain a lot, though not all.

Time Money Life

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