Brazilian ripped off his own funeral

A photo from open sources

A man in Brazil shocked loved ones by appearing on his own same funeral. The amazing story that happened in Sao Paulo, leads October 24 The Daily Telegraph. Local police called the family of 41-year-old Gilberto Araujo, a car washer, and stated that he was killed. The man’s brother came to the morgue and, recognizing the body, took the deceased home for a funeral. In the midst of a farewell Gilberto himself entered the room and said: “Guys, I’m alive, pinch me! “. After that, part of those present fell into fainting, others fled. “The confusion began from the moment when news was received that a car washer was shot dead, “said Brother Gilberto’s wife. She explained that her brother-in-law was working at the car wash along with a friend very similar to him. Just the same him as it turned out later, and killed.

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