Brazilian woman crying crystal in tears

A resident of Brazil cries with crystal tearsPhoto from open source Laura Pons, living in Brazil, suffers from a unique disease whose nature is not fully understood even local doctors. Sometimes a primary teacher is able to cry not ordinary liquid tears, but solid white plaques, having a crystal structure. These plaques have a soft view when produced by the eye, however, reaching the air, they harden and turn into crystals.

From time to time, Laura is forced to take sick leave and go to doctors to remove up to thirty solid formations from her eyes. When the crystalline tears dry, it can be extremely withdrawn painfully.

For the first time, a Brazilian noticed this feature of her body in Fifteen years. The girl’s eyes suddenly filled with a strange white substance, and Laura immediately called for help to her mother. Female washed the crystals from her daughter’s eyes and hastened to take the girl to the hospital. Unfortunately, the doctors were not able to help Pons. anything other than periodically extracting plaques from her eyes.

Over the past twenty years Laura has visited many clinics. Doctors still cannot explain the nature of her illness and find a cure for it. According to the Brazilian ophthalmologist Raul Goncalves, the second such case in the world medical practice may simply not be. Specialist spent on Laura’s tears a series of tests and concluded that white plaques arise due to an excess of keratin in the eyes of women.

Human tears are known to consist of water, fat and mucus. Individual types of cells produce the necessary ingredients, and all they mix when blinking. If the eyes are attacked by bacteria, then the proteins in the eyes begin to protect the visual organs, however, the Brazilian does not. Her eyes for some reason produce a completely different type of protection: the cornea secretes keratin, and mixing with other components, it turns tears into white crystals.


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