British “girl of steel” does not get tired, does not feels hunger and pain

BritishA photo from open sources

Olivia Farnsworth, living in the English city of Huddersfield, has the rarest abnormalities caused by the unique chromosomal violation. The recently celebrated seven-year-old girl is completely not feels pain, never gets tired and can calmly for several days do without food.

Local doctors who examined the child called him a “bionic,” that is, a creature that combines biology and technology. Of course, this is not a serious name, since the young Englishwoman – no cyborg. Parents call Olivia a “girl of steel,” comparing his daughter with Superman.

British Health Professionals Farnsworth, truly discouraged. Baby is the first and the only person in world medical practice suffering from the three above-mentioned deviations at once. Part of the genetic information missing from the child on the sixth chromosome, delivered Olivia from pain, hunger and fatigue. Scientific name for such there is no phenomenon yet.

Undoubtedly, in order to live, a girl needs to eat, and to rest, therefore, in her rejection there is nothing enviable. To parents each time you have to force your daughter to eat or to go to bed almost by force.

Pain, as you know, is also an essential function of the body, because it does not allow a person to harm himself and warns him from danger. Two years ago, Olivia shot down and even dragged a little road car. The girl, however, stood up, shook off and as if nothing had happened continued the game with peers. A year earlier, the child severely injured his lip, however, he did not feel anything. Then Olivia had to move plastic surgery to restore the former appearance of the lip.

A photo from open sources

Another feature of the British body caused by a violation sixth chromosome, is extremely slow hair growth. To to grow long curls, Farnsworth did not cut her hair for a very long time. IN young strangers always mistook her for a boy.

A short hairstyle wasn’t the only thing that made Olivia look like a boy. Previously, the “girl of steel” loved to fight, and the absence of pain made her invincible in children’s brawls. By according to parents, once a baby beat a nine-year-old bully, offending all the guys in the yard.

As a baby, the girl never slept during the day and never cried.

Doctors fear for Olivia’s health, but there’s nothing to help her so far can not. Chromosomal diseases are not known to be treated, however the patient with the help of medicine can lead as fully as possible a life.

A photo from open sources


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