British officially makes a living exorcism

The British officially makes a living by expelling evil forcesA photo from open sources Any of us can call ourselves an exile evil spirits and begin to rob the gullible compatriots, claiming that at home hell started. Sprinkled on walls with water, recited an incomprehensible spell to anyone, waved his hands – and the money is in your pocket. Such charlatans are available in almost all countries of the world, and law enforcement agencies are trying by force opportunities to deal with them.

Forty-year-old Kelly Angel earning a living by wrestling with demons, some at one time also called a fraud, however a resident of Liverpool decided to prove to everyone that this is not so, and formalized its activities officially. Special commission attended several exile exile sessions otherworldly entities, and members of this commission argue that really saw and heard what is impossible to explain rationally. About a hundred former customers were also interviewed. Angel, and each of them told government officials that infinitely grateful to the medium.

A photo from open sources

The officials had no choice but to legitimize psychic activity. Today, Angel regularly pays taxes, and may even soon expect a substantial pension.

Briton talks about her mission on earth

“I didn’t choose such a job,” Kelly says. “She herself chose me. From a very young age I could see what is not other people see, but kept their unique abilities a secret to nineteen years old. When I left the parental home, I realized that this is my calling. I don’t count people I help, but for all this time there were probably more than two thousand. To someone it is necessary to expel the unfriendly spirits from the house or apartment, spoilage or curse eats someone, someone is in power demons, and I separate this evil from the physical body of man. To me pay as much as able to let the client feel Thanks, I never demand a fee for my work. To some who simply don’t have the money, I render services free of charge, others provided me with a comfortable life for the rest of my life. ”

Angel claims that she has never experienced failure in her professions – the absence of customers dissatisfied with her services, probably and allowed the medium to prove to the officials the undoubted benefit of his work for society.

According to the British, she has an irreplaceable supply inside light energy that she constantly spends on helping people. Each time helping someone, Angel loses some of this power. IN in some cases, such a loss passes almost imperceptibly, in others – takes away from the medium a huge amount of energy. “I can hardly stop helping those in need, and someday, feel me will have to give all of himself to save someone, – reports psychic. “But I’m not afraid of that.” It will not be death, it will be the completion of my work on earth, the completion of my not quite ordinary mission. ”

Life time

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