British painter draws … eyes

The British painter draws ... with his eyesA photo from open sources

There are many amazing painters on the planet who they are painted with the most unusual parts of the body. Some hold a brush with your feet, someone with your mouth, and one American artist even inserts this tool in the belly button. Such measures are usually the result of disability and inability to use hands, however there are exceptions. For example, an artist from the United Kingdom draws … eyes.

No, of course, Londoner Graham Fink doesn’t grow tiny pens from eyeballs. To create a painting, a man uses innovative technology that tracks his gaze and projects the trajectory onto the electronic canvas, resulting in pictures from continuous strokes turn out. According to the artist, traditional art made by hand with a brush or pencil, has already managed to become obsolete, and they will certainly come to replace it techniques for creating visual art using contactless tools. Fink painting in this way is basically faces of people, first presents them in the mind, then begins to “circle” mental image with a look. Infrared Sensor Detects Movement Graham’s pupils and exactly repeats them on a virtual canvas.

The Briton is not the author of this technology. She was provided to him by scientists from the Swedish company Tobii Technology, however, the Londoner was able to significantly improve it. Program allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the sensors, because the eye – the organ is very specific and functions in each of us differently. Fink is sure that if you fully trust your subconscious, you can create an amazing painting, which, as it used to seem you were incapable.


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