British ufologist caught the moment when a UFO creates a drawing on the field

The British ufologist caught the moment when a UFO creates a drawing on the fieldA photo from open sources

After the British explorer Roland Bajon stated on 27th annual Glastonbury conference that his team can create crop circles by the power of thought, the theme of mysterious drawings, periodically appearing in different parts of the world, again took off on peak of popularity.

This is understandable, since ufologists are confident that these “letters” are left to us by aliens or representatives parallel worlds, can not agree with the statement Roland Bajon, since his team, in their own words, is engaged this is only in county Wiltshire. Even assuming that it is not another hoax ordered and well paid by the British government, as it was in the last century with David Chorley and Doug Bauer, who draws circles in other parts of the world, for example, on recently, such an anomaly appeared in the Lipetsk region of Russia (see video).

And here is the British ufologist Pierre Bike, who spent on the study of this phenomenon for many years, having plowed for this reason fields all over southwest England, recently managed to take a photo and video mysterious luminous balls plowing grain crops Wiltshire. This, the tireless researcher claims, may well Confirm that crop circles are created in this way. this is the way, not the power of thought, with ropes and boards mystifiers.

A photo from open sources

By the way, there is oral evidence of other eyewitnesses who watched such fantastic luminous circles, after which on in the fields drawings arose. The following is interesting in this regard. Pierre Bique statement:

Today there are technologies for creating beautiful and complex drawings on cereal plantations, it is often used in advertising purposes. However, such techniques are very difficult to draw circles in the field in minutes, especially at night, so that no one I saw that they simply won’t work out using them. And real circles mysterious and mystical, appear that way – imperceptibly and almost instantly. There is another characteristic feature of alien circles: when you enter this picture, you feel an unusual tide energy, your consciousness rises above the earth, and your body cleansed of all dirt and weakness. And how can this be explained scientifically, I don’t even know …

Russia The power of thought

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