Briton drinks vinegar instead of water all her life

The Briton drinks vinegar instead of water all her lifePhotos from open sources of

Nineteen-year-old student Ella Ruby Djinn from English Hastings City in East Sussex drinks vinegar instead of water and feels great.

Briton from an early age addicted to table solution acetic acid, drinking it a few glasses a day. The only reason why the girl consumes so much an unusual drink is its taste, which the genie considers simply delightful.

According to the student, she likes the most five percent malt, apple and balsamic vinegar, however for lack of these, she can use other types. To least she takes rice and white wine vinegar to her beloved ones. Girl friends long accustomed to her strange gastronomic preferences, and Ella always offer vinegar when she comes to visit. Going to school, a young Englishwoman always takes a bottle with her favorite drink. The genie claims that she no longer remembers when she the last time I drank clean water.

Ella was about five years old when she first found in the kitchen a bottle of vinegar. The girl tasted a strange liquid and tasted I was delighted. The genie asked her father and mother that this such, and her parents told her that vinegar is a seasoning, and his You can’t drink just like that. They did not even suspect that their daughter was already tasted vinegar and periodically drank it when there was nobody beside.

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Better vinegar than alcohol

Over time, it grew into a habit, and at the age of eight the girl was caught when she was having dinner with her grandmother and instead of a glass of water I took a bottle of vinegar on the table, drank from there out of habit. An elderly woman began to ask her granddaughter why she was did, and Ella had to admit that she constantly drinks vinegar. Grandma immediately put the girl in a car and drove to the nearest the hospital.

Doctors examined the Djinn and reported that with her health everything is in okay, however, explained that drinking vinegar is bad for digestive system and blood. However, the Englishwoman is not abandoned her habit, starting to win back from relatives the right to drink potentially dangerous to everyone else drink.

“I thought that since it’s not alcohol, then no one should forbid me to drink it. Now, of course, I understand that parents worried about my health, however I believe that their concerns were in vain. All people are different, and maybe this is even useful for me. Vinegar is better than alcohol. By the way, strangers when they see this, they think I’m just pregnant, “the girl says.

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