Buddhist monk promised to slow himself down to spontaneous combustion

The Buddhist monk promised to slow himself down to spontaneous combustionA photo open source Buddhist monk claiming to feel that his time had come, he decided to lie down in a coffin and slow himself down to death, while he promised that three days later his coffin self-igniting. The Thai priest told his followers that if his time really came, then his coffin itself will light up on Thursday. 65-year-old Phra Khru Veruvan Chantarungsi, who also known as Luang Pu Pim, is the rector of the temple in Tambon Thung Phra is in Thailand and is in good health, according to representatives of the temple. At the same time, the daughter of a clergyman, Canakran Srisombat, 41, insists that her father is the last time is very unhealthy. She added that he had already died once, but a miracle brought him back to life. The coffin of Pu Pima was placed outside living quarters on Tuesday after he spoke his the last sermon in which he explained that death is Naturally and it awaits each of the living. Buddhists condemning actions of a monk, note that his act is contrary to the basics Buddhism and call it ostentatious. However followers of pu pima stated that the teacher did not seek to attract attention the public. Many of them remained in the temple from Tuesday to to witness the coffin in which it was done several holes so that the monk can breathe, absorb Fire. Another highlight that attracted attention to Buddhist monks, there was a message that a clergyman from Chinese temple took money for the blessing procedure sports businessman car. Recently, Chinese businessmen came into vogue invite monks to bless everything from new homes to controversial business endeavors, but the real anger of the Buddhists caused businessman request to perform a ceremony on his new Porshe. Head of a software company brought the car to the monk so that he could pray for driver safety and his ability to “keep up with meetings on time and without incident. “Critics say blessing contrary to Buddhist tradition, and that self-interest and money are not are part of the teaching. Moreover greed, hatred and misconception – these are three poisons that poison people, writes Mail Online

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