Burning witch flew into the sky?

A burning witch flew into the sky?Photos from open sources of

Members of the Mexican family claim to be captured on video a witch embraced by fire, taking off from the earth and flying away into the dark night sky. The entry below was recently received at the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

The video shows something burning on the ground. Mysterious object as if taking a couple of steps to the side, then, continuing to glow, soaring up rapidly. The operator claims that the evil sorceress during this take-off she also laughed, but for some reason her laughter didn’t signed up for the video.

A record on the World Wide Web was posted by a certain Victor Khesar Gutierrez, who indicated in the description: “This video was shared with me a work colleague who lives in Monterrey. He says that his family wrote this strange case on the phone and they all believe meeting the burning witch. ”

Opinions of Internet users regarding this material divided up. Some people think that the video really portrays real witch. Others are sure this is a tanned Chinese flashlight. Unfortunately, the quality of the video is too low to analyze it more carefully and find confirmation any version: materialistic or supernatural. Yes and the laughter of a burning witch is actually inaudible …

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