Can a person without a brain think? Quite

Can a man think without a brain?A photo from open sources

“The brain is one of the most important organs of a person. Without a brain, a person cannot can think, turns into a frank moron, a living plant! ” Who told you such crap?

Harpoon stitched

There was a knock on the doctor’s office on duty at the Havana City Hospital. The doctor, not looking up from the notes, answered: “Wait a minute.” After completing the recording, the doctor sat up straight and said: “Come in!” Door opened and the patient entered. The doctor nearly fell off the chair: straight from the forehead the harpoon stuck out as he entered. He pierced his head through, the tip sticking out from the back of the head. “Doctor, is this something serious?” – “Yes, how can I tell you … Not really”

A photo from open sources

The 29-year-old Oscar Garcia Chirino worked at one of the reservoirs. On October 14, 1996, he and his friend decided to hunt large fish. How can a person be mistaken for fish – it’s not clear, but friend turned a well-aimed eye, a hard hand and Oscar received a harpoon directly in the forehead.

Surprised Oscar quickly earned flippers, seeking as you can further move away from a friend, 80 meters to shore, climbed onto land and headed to the nearest the hospital.

Harpoon removed, Oscar survived, recovered. Wound had no effect on his mental abilities, he retained control over your body and clarity of thinking. Leaving the hospital Oscar thanked the doctors and went to look for his friend, whom he was so eager to see and hug tightly.

Broken brains

Cases when people, having received severe wounds in the head, remained after that many. Kutuzov lost his eye not as a result of cataracts, the head of an officer was pierced through by the Turkish bullet. However, the future field marshal remained alive and not only did not lose mental abilities, but in the future he managed to beat the fart the glory of Napoleon Bonaparte.

In 1848, a metal rod with a diameter of 3 cm. Pierced through the head of F. Gage, a railway company worker. Gage lost eye, but remained alive and returned to his work.

A photo from open sources

In 1978, as a result of an accident, a proton beam passed through the head physicist Anatoly Bugorsky. The beam burned the skin, bone and burned out the brain of the researcher. He was supposed to die, but survived. Subsequently, he wrote and defended his thesis.

A photo from open sources

But it turns out that you can maintain clarity of mind even by losing most of the brain!

A photo from open sources

Partially brain free

At the age of 14, Carlos Rodriguez smoked some rubbish, which he “torn off the roof” in the literal sense of the word. The teenager stole a car and crashed into a pole at great speed. Carlos flew out through the windshield and landed on a concrete track, while losing half the head.

Doctors saved Rodriguez’s life. Back in society, Carlos continued his offender career. As it turned out, for this quite enough and 40% of the brain.

A photo from open sources

However, such a volume is quite enough for more important affairs.

In 1989, 29-year-old James turned to neurosurgeon Bruwell Cordell. Young scientist just defended at Harvard University doctoral dissertation in economics and law. Great tension responded to James with headaches. To the patient did a head tomography, and it turned out that he had completely the right brain is missing! However, this is how we see Cordell was in no way prevented from pursuing a scientific career.

Completely brainless

German professor Hufland shocked the scientific world with his message. He performed a posthumous autopsy of the patient and found that there was no brain at all! In the skull of the deceased, he found only about 300 g of liquid! To the doctor’s careful interrogations relatives replied that the deceased until the last days kept clarity of mind and sense of humor.

A similar pathology was found in the deceased in 1976. Dutchman Jan Gerling. His skull box was also filled fluid instead of the brain. Relatives called the conclusion of the doctors vile slander. Jan Gerling was a famous watchmaker countries that manually assembled the most complex mechanisms. And you want to say that he was without brains ?!

So what are we thinking?

Australian neurophysiologist John Eccles, Nobel laureate 1963 Prizes hypothesized that the brain is just “receiver” that the source of all our thoughts and creative ideas is outside our body. The brain to our intellect does not have no relation. It has completely different functions. Which – is it so far a question (see also – “how to keep the brain working”).

There is another theory. The brain – it is of course the concentration of nerves cells. But they are in other organs, in the intestines there are more than 100 million more than in the spinal cord. Some scholars believe that in extreme situations, some nerve cells are able to replace others talk quite seriously about the “abdominal brain.” So the phrase “What do you think, head or w … stomach?” nothing offensive in It doesn’t carry itself.

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