Can one see well in the dark?

Can one see well in the dark?Photos from open sources As you know, an ancient man who hunted mammoths and having spent a considerable part of his life in the darkness of caves, he saw in the darkness is no worse than a cat. Why now we cannot see at night without lighting as good as our ancestors?

The answer is very simple – to a modern person living in cities literally drowning in electricity, completely useless be able to navigate in the dark. Over time, our “cat” vision atrophied, and table lamps, lanterns and luminous signs of restaurants.

But have we ever lost the ability to see in the darkness of night? Scientists argue that this is not so: for example, when a dose is released adrenaline, our vision becomes sharper. Imagine this situation: you get lost at night in the forest, you have a flashlight with you no, you can only rely on your imperfect vision. If every minute you will stumble and fall more and more succumbing to panic, your body will concentrate all its forces on the organ of your vision – the eyes. Navigate the forest darkness you You’ll definitely become better, and you have to give thanks for that bumps that have already stumbled. But keep in mind that you are not you’ll see better if you just stand in the dark on one place – our body knows perfectly well when we really We need acute night vision, and “turns on” it only when necessary.

A photo from open sources

Whatever doctors say, but any atrophied organ with desire can be developed and restored, and any lost with over the years, the ability to re-acquire. Take small trips to in the dark, learn to get used to the darkness again and very soon you will become returning the ability to see objects at night is almost the same as you see them in the afternoon. If you want to quickly adapt to your surroundings you darkness, just screw up your eyes and close them with your palms. In nature it is very difficult to meet absolute darkness – the flickering radiance of stars in heaven always illuminates our path – that’s why opening our eyes again You will notice that you began to see objects more clearly and clearly. And remember that you don’t have to be afraid of darkness, just as our ancestors were not afraid of it, leaving at night to hunt. Moreover, our eyes are a miracle of miracles that one can admire to wonder endlessly!


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