Can xenoglossy be scientifically explained?

Can xenoglossy be scientifically explained?A photo from open sources

Xenoglossia – the rarest human ability to speak and write in many languages, often already dead, moreover, speak and write, not studying them at all. Just as a result of a shock or accident (most often head injuries) with “unfortunate” sometimes happens here such a metamorphosis – they suddenly have fantastic abilities.

Scientists are trying to explain this “hidden memory”, embedded in the genes of such a person, but this theory does not satisfy anyone. According to the theory of some parapsychologists, xenoglossia is somehow connected with otherworldly reality. After all, mediums that cause spirits, say, with the help of spiritualistic sessions, also often suddenly begin to speak the language of the one they “woke up” (completely not knowing this language before).

The first case of xenoglossia is reflected in the New Testament, when the Holy Spirit descends upon the disciples of Jesus Christ, and these apostles, thanks to new abilities, they were able to carry his teachings to others peoples.

A vivid example of such a rare ability in our time is fixed at the beginning of the XX century, the Englishwoman Ivy B. possessed xenoglossia. She could speak and write in the dead ancient Egyptian language. how scientists then established, to study this language on their own was simply impossible: he was secret and closed, and he was known only few people in the world who have no contact with Ivy.

An even more interesting case of xenoglossia is the unique Russian women Natalia Beketova, who since childhood has such an amazing ability. And she can not only speak and write on 121 language, but also to see your many, many past lives, that even somehow explains these unique abilities of a woman. However, look and draw conclusions yourself …

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